Stefanos Merikas

University of Reading
PhD Candidate

Stefanos studied law at the University of Athens (LL.B), obtained an LL.M., with specialization in Competition Law, from University of London (King’s College) and an MSc in Law and Accounting from London School of Economics (LSE). Since 2005 he is an attorney-at-law registered in Athens Bar Association and has worked for several years as a legal practitioner. He is currently a PhD candidate (completion expected 2015) at University of Reading and his thesis addresses the issue of the legal assessment of shipping pool agreements between undertakings active in tramp maritime services under the scope of EU competition law.

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University of Reading
University of Reading


18696 Bulletin

Athanassios Skourtis, Stefanos Merikas The Hellenic Competition Authority fines the national gas transmission system operator for abusing its dominant position in the primary market of natural gas transmission (DESFA)


Involved parties and alleged practices In December 2009 the major Greek manufacturer of alumina and aluminium products ALUMINIUM S.A. (hereinafter: the complainant), which is also active in the market of production of electricity using natural gas, lodged a complaint before the [national] (...)

Athanassios Skourtis, Stefanos Merikas The Greek Competition Commission fines five undertakings for participating in a cartel in the ready-mixed concrete market in Crete


Facts of the Case The Greek Competition Commission (“Epitropi Antagonismou”; hereinafter: the Commission) investigated the behaviour of undertakings active in the production and supply of ready-mixed concrete on the island of Crete, Greece. The procedure was initiated by the Commission ex officio (...)

Kleopatra Koutra, Stefanos Merikas The Greek Court of First Instance of Athens rejects the claim that a pharmaceutical company abused its dominant position by limiting the supply of certain drugs to the distributors in Greece in order to avoid parallel exports of its products (GlaxoSmithKline)


The facts In 2001 a distributor of pharmaceutical products lodged a complain to the Court of First Instance of Athens against its supplier claiming that the latter’s decision to stop supplying it with drugs (as it had been doing for 20 years) and to establish a new distribution network in the (...)

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