Stanislas Martin

French Competition Authority (Paris)
General Rapporteur

Specialised in French and European competition law, particularly mergers and State aids, as well as European corporate law, European law on free movement of capital and on the right of establishment. Experienced in legislative procedures at the European Community and French level. He has published various articles on European and French competition law and policy. Stanislas is Rapporteur General at the French Competition Authority (Autorité de la concurrence). Before that, Stanislas was Director Regulation and Security at the French Ministry of Economics, Finance and Industry, General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) (2009-2017), Deputy Rapporteur General at the French Competition authority (Autorité de la concurrence), lawyer with Clifford Chance as Of Counsel (2005-2009), and Deputy Finance Counsellor at Permanent Representation of France to the EU (2004-2005). He was previously head of Merger and Sate aid Unit at DGCCRF (1999-2004).

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84458 Bulletin

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics conditionally clears a conglomerate merger in the sector of component for rolling shutters aimed at preventing "mixed" bundling and technical tying (Somfy/Zurflüh-Feller)


The operation In this case, the Minister cleared the acquisition of Somy and Zurflüh-Feller with remedies. Both companies are manufacturing components for shutters, with strong market shares, but small horizontal overlaps, each company being specialised in different components. The market(s) (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics clears with remedies a merger in the retail sector subject to outlets divestment and commitment not to expand or open new outlets (Vivarte/Super Sport)


The operation In this case, the Minister cleared the acquisition of Vivarte and Supersport with remedies. Both companies are retailers of shoe, clothes and sport equipments. The market(s) The relevant markets were the retail market of low-cost clothes and the retail market of low-cost shoe. (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics cleared with remedies a merger in the retail sector subject to outlets divestment and commitment not to expand or open new outlets (Vivarte/Défi Mode)


The operation In this case, the Minister cleared the acquisition of Vivarte and Défi Sport with remedies. Both companies are retailers of clothes. The market(s) The relevant market is the retail market of low-cost clothes. The geographic dimension of the market is local. Remedy 1 Divestment (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economy clears a merger in the rail fastening sector with remedies, including commitment to license IP, or, if no licensee is found, to let the IP rights fall into the public domain (Delachaux / Pandrol)


The operation Through this transaction, Delachaux acquired the sole control of Pandrol. Both companies were active in the rail fastening sector. The market(s) The product market was the rail fastening devices. On this market, different technologies may be used, each technology being (...)

Stanislas Martin, Thomas Guérin The French Minister of Economics cleared a merger in the building materials sector subject to remedies, including divestiture (Point P/Dubois Matériaux )


The operation By way of a letter dated 1 october 2003, the French Minister of Economy approved the acquisition of Dubois Materiaux by Point P, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. The market(s) The relevant market was considered to be the wholesale supply of building materials, which can be further (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economy cleared in Phase II a merger in the press sector with structural and behavioural commitments, including bundling prohibition and termination of exclusive contract (France Antilles/Comareg)


The operation In the case at hand, Vivendi Universal Publishing sold its entire equity interest in Comareg to France Antilles. Following the opinion given by the competition council, the Minister cleared the merger subject to structural and behavioral remedies. The market(s) The markets (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economy cleared a merger in the sector of distribution with remedies including divestitures and non-expansion of sales areas (Leroy Merlin/OBI)


The operation The French Minister of Economy clears a concentration by which the undertaking Leroy Merlin acquires sole control of OBI. The market(s) The sector involved in the present concentration is the retail trade and procurement of DIY products. The market was further sub-segmented (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics cleared in phase I a merger in the market of building material retail with commitment to supply products to any new entrants (Point P/Ardi)


The operation The Minister authorized the merger between Ardi, a building material wholesaler, and Point P, a subsidiary of Saint Gobain. The market The Minister assessed the relevant market for retailing of building products on a product by product basis and focused his analysis on the (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics cleared a merger in the sector of waste treatment subject to remedies aimed at limiting range effects (FCPR Partenaires Midcap/Galicier + Pressor)


The operation By a letter dated of 20 September 2000, the Minister reached a decision of clearance, in which he authorised the acquisition of two goups, Pressor and Galicier, by Midcap following the commitments offered by the parties to remove competition concerns raised by the merger. The (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics cleared a merger in the manufacture of protection equipments of individuals with remedies including selling on a non-discriminatory basis and granting of a manufacture licence (Mine Safety Appliances - MSA/CGF Gallet)


The operation In this case, the Minister cleared the acquisition of CGF-Gallet by MSA-Gallet with remedies. Both companies are manufacturer and provider of protection equipments of individuals including respiratory protection equipments, helmets and accessories. The market(s) The relevant (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister clears a merger in the site location and maintenance for wireless communication operators market with remedies including non discriminatory treatment and a remedy offered by the seller (TDF/Bouygtel)


The operation In this operation, France Telecom, through its subsidiary TDF, will acquire the terrestrial broadcasting sites owned by Bouygtel. The market(s) The markets involved are the site location and maintenance for wireless communication operators. Remedy 1: Non discriminatory (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Ministry of Economy cleared a merger in the retail of consumer goods sector subject to remedies preventing the buyer from converting the stores acquired into supermarkets (Galeries Lafayette/Marks and Spencer)


The operation By the present transaction, Galerie Lafayette SA ("GL"), which is active in the retail sector throughout several department stores and the Monoprix chain, acquires the 18 French stores of Marks & Spencer. It should be noted that the transfer of assets is limited to the (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economy cleared in Phase II an extra-territorial merger in the flight services sector subject to behavioural remedies consisting in an information barrier (Boeing - Jeppsen)


The operation The Minister cleared in phase II a merger between Boeing and Jeppesen subject to remedies. The markets The markets involved were the flight planning services, the flight operating services, the flight information services and the accessories. The relevant markets were defined (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Economic Minister clears a merger in the electricity supply market with strict governance remedies and divestments (Vivendi Environnement / EDF / Dalkia)


The operation The Minister clears the acquisition of joint control by EDF and Vivendi Environnement of certain Dalkia’ subsidiaries. The markets Electricity supply, cogeneration, facilities management. Remedy 1: Governance Given the monopolistic position of EDF in the market for the supply (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister cleared a merger in the manufacturing and retail of locksmith hardware sector subject to hold separate retail networks (Assa Abloy / Fichet Serrurerie Bâtiment)


The operation Acquisition of sole control of Fichet by Assa Abloy. The market(s) concerned by remedy(ies) Manufacturing and retail of locksmith hardware Remedy 1 In its opinion, the Competition council considered that, even if both parties operated well-known brands, competition concerns (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics clears a merger in the energy sector with remedies, including output restriction and cross-subsidies prevention (EDF / Siemens-Cogema / Clemessy )


The operation EDF and Cogema through their subsidiaries SDS and Tasys have acquired 45% of SRPG, a company that holds 67,39% of Clemessy. EDF is a French energy group active in all activities of the value chain including the supply of electricity in France. Clemessy is active in the supply of (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics cleared a merger in the cash transit services sector subject to remedies, including divestiture and capital restructuring (UBS Capital/Serse)


The operation The French Minister of Economy cleared a concentration by which the group UBS Capital acquires sole control of Serse. The market(s) The market involved is the cash in transit services. Remedy 1: Divesture Post merger, the new entity will hold a dominant position in 13 local (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics clears in phase II the creation of a joint venture in the sector of production and sale of de-icing salt subject to divestiture, obligation of supply and withdrawing the use of a trademark (CSME / MDPA / SCPA / ROCK )


The operation Following the Commission’s decision of full referral, the French Minister of Economy authorised the creation of a joint venture between two companies active in the sale of de-icing salt subject to voluntary remedies. The markets concerned by remedies The market concerned by (...)

Stanislas Martin The French Minister of Economics clears a merger in the sector of facial tissues with remedies including restriction of advertising investments, withdrawing of the use of a trademark and prohibition of reference rebates (Fort James / Demak’up)


The operation Fort James acquired the Demak’Up and Happy Bébé brands from the Procter & Gamble Company. The markets The sector involved is the manufacturing and marketing of cotton products. Remedy 1: Withdrawing the use of a trademark Post-merger, Fort James will have a market share of (...)

148301 Review

Mélanie Thill-Tayara, Stanislas Martin Stanislas MARTIN (French Competition Authority): Which balance between the effectiveness of competition procedures and the rights of defense?


Interview réalisée par Mélanie Thill-Tayara, Associée, Dechert, Paris. Diplômé de l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris et de l’ENA, vous avez occupé plusieurs postes au sein de la DGCCRF, travaillé pour la Représentation permanente de la France auprès de l’Union européenne et, moins classique, avez (...)

Bruno Lasserre, Claude Lazarus, Francis Amand, Frédéric Jenny, Jean Courtial, Laurence Idot, Stanislas Martin, Thomas Hoehn Conference: Merger remedies under the new French regime (Paris, 18 12 2008)


Depuis sa création en 2004, la revue Concurrences organise un colloque. Les thèmes abordés ont naturellement été variés : de l’adaptation du système français au règlement n° 1/2003 à la place de la concurrence dans le traité de Lisbonne en passant par les questions de banque et de finance et la réforme (...)

Stanislas Martin Buyer Power: The French Minister of Economy clears a merger raising the question whether, under French substantive test, and unlike substantive test provided for in ECMR, buyer power resulting in economic dependency of suppliers may constitute in itself an impediment of competition, even absent any harm to consumers welfare (Bigard/Socopa)


Min. Éco, 17 février 2009, Bigard / Socopa, aff. C2008-100, BOCCRF n°2bis du 2 avril 2009 La dernière décision avec engagements rendue par le Ministre, avant le transfert de sa compétence à l’Autorité de la concurrence, aborde elle aussi, tout comme la décision Friesland/Campina de la Commission (...)

Stanislas Martin Buyer power - Remedies: The European Commission recalls that buyer power is not a competition concern in itself, but may lead to foreclosure of downstream competitors and clears a near-monopoly on an upstream procurement market under conditions aiming at preventing foreclosure of downstream competitors (Friesland Foods/Campina)


Comm. CE, 17 décembre 2008, Friesland Foods / Campina, aff. COMP/M.5046 EC Comm., 17.12.08, Friesland Foods / Campina, case COMP/M.5046 La concentration entre Frieslands Food et Campinia, deux acteurs majeurs du secteur des produits laitiers aux Pays-Bas, conduisait à des additions de parts de (...)

Stanislas Martin Full fonction JV - Spill over: The European Commission clears the creation of a JV in the auction services of cross-border interconnection capacities and deems the JV to be full-function and considers it would not lead to any significant spill-over effects as to the coordination of the competitive behaviour of the parent companies (CASC JV)


EC Comm., 14 August 2008, CASC JV, case COMP/M. 5154 L’opération consiste en la création d’une entreprise commune de plein exercice (full-function JV) entre huit opérateurs européens de systèmes de distribution d’électricité (TSO), dont RTE, opérateur du réseau de transmission électrique français. La (...)

Stanislas Martin LME Act : The Legislator transfers merger control powers to a newly created competition authority, provides for “stop the clock” provisions, lowers thresholds for retail and overseas territories but the Minister of Economy retains the ability to override a decision of the competition authority on the basis of public interest (LME)


Loi n°2008-776 du 4 août 2008 de modernisation de l’économie, art. 96, JORF n°181 du 5 août 2008, p.12471 La loi n° 2008-776 du 4 août 2008 de modernisation de l’économie (dite loi LME) a réformé en profondeur le contrôle français des concentrations, en transférant les pouvoirs jusqu’alors dévolus au (...)

Stanislas Martin Clearance with remedies: The Minister of Economy clears two mergers in the retail sectors under conditions which could lead to a freeze or reduction of capacities, in order to lower the barriers to entry resulting from the current legislation on retail zoning (Vivarte/Défi Mode)


Min. Eco., 4 avril 2008, Vivarte/Défi Mode, aff. C2008-04, BOCCRF n° 4 bis du 7 mai 2008 Min. Eco., 30 avril 2008, Vivarte/Super Sport, aff. C2008-16, BOCCRF n° 5 bis du 19 juin 2008 Par deux opérations distinctes, Vivarte, un distributeur de chaussures et de vêtements, qui détient notamment les (...)

Stanislas Martin Prohibition decision: The European Commission, in its first prohibition decision since the entry into force of Regulation 139/2004, blocks a merger in the air transport sector, the usual remedies package in this sector proving to be ineffective in the present case (Ryanair/Aer Lingus)


EC Comm., 27June 2007, Ryanair/Aer Lingus, case COMP/M. 4439 Ce n’est pas parce qu’une opération de concentration concerne deux transporteurs aériens à bas coûts qu’elle est forcément positive pour le consommateur ! Ce point a été rappelé par la Commissaire européenne à la concurrence, Neelie Kroes, lors (...)

Stanislas Martin Army/Defense sector: The European Commission clears a merger to monopoly in the defence sector, in view of (i) the low intensity of competition pre-merger and (ii) the efficiency gains resulting from the operation (BAE Systems/VT/JV)


EC Comm., 17 October 2007, BAE Systems/VT/JV, case COMP/M. 4640 L’opération consistait en la création d’une entreprise commune (ShipCo) entre les deux derniers chantiers navals militaires britanniques aptes à concevoir et construire des bâtiments de surface, respectivement contrôlés par BAE et VT. (...)

Stanislas Martin EC Phase II merger clearance: The European Commission clears a merger in Phase II without condition, in spite of a very high share of supply in the UK, pursuant to an in-depth analysis of geographic market definition (Ineos/Kerling)


EC Comm., 30 January 2008, Ineos/Kerling, case COMP/M. 4734 La présente concentration entre deux producteurs de PVC, est une décision de phase II sans engagement. Même si les décisions de phase II donnent le plus souvent lieu à des engagements, et que les autorisations sans condition sont nettement (...)

Stanislas Martin Scope of the transaction: The European Commission decides that in successive transactions, whereby some assets of the target are to be sold to a third party after the closing of the first operation, the assets to be divested do not fall within the scope of the first concentration, insofar as no control on a lasting basis is acquired on these assets (Endesa Europa)


EC Comm., 5 July 2007, ENEL/ Acciona/ Endesa, case COMP/M. 4685 EC Comm., 6 August 2007, E.On/ Endesa Europa/ Viesgo, case COMP/M. 4672 Ces deux opérations, ENEL/ Acciona / Endesa suivie de E.ON/ Endesa Europa/ Viesgo, viennent clore le feuilleton Endesa. Rappelons qu’E.ON avait lancé une offre (...)

Stanislas Martin Collective dominance: The European Commission reassesses collective dominance in the travel sector and recalls the principle of the “first mover advantage” (TUI/First Choice - Karstadtquelle/My Travel)


Comm. CE, 4 juin 2007, TUI/First Choice, aff. COMP/M.4600 Comm. CE, 4 mai 2007, Karstadtquelle/My Travel, aff. COMP/M.4601 Les deux décisions TUI/First Choice (Comm. CE, 4 juin 2007, aff. COMP/M.4600) et KarstadtQuelle/MyTravel (Comm. CE, 4 mai 2007, aff. COMP/M.4610) sont intéressantes à au (...)

Nadia Calvino, Stanislas Martin Nadia Calvino (DG COMP): The Mergers’ Lady


To begin with, can you tell us something about your background? How did you “fall” into competition law? What are the differences, if any, between doing merger control within a national competition authority and at the European Commission? You actively participated in the 2003 debate on the (...)

Stanislas Martin Structural remedies: The Ministry of Economy clears in phase 1 an operation which raised serious doubts upon condition of removal of the overlap by divestment of the acquirer activities (Ista/Celliande)


Min. Éco., 28 septembre 2006, Ista / Celliande, aff. C2006-87, BOCCRF n° 8 ter du 22 novembre 2006 L’opération consistait en l’acquisition par Ista, contrôlée par CVC Capital Partners, de Celliande. Ces deux sociétés sont notamment actives dans le secteur du sous-comptage, qui consiste à mesurer la (...)

Stanislas Martin Juridisctional notice: The European Commission publishes a draft Consolidated Jurisdictional Notice to replace the notices on the concept of concentration, on the concept of full-function joint venture, on the concept of undertaking concerned and on calculation of turnover (EC Comm. 28 september 2006)


EC. Comm., Draft Consolidated Jurisdictional Notice under Council Regulation (EC) No 139/2004 on the control of concentrations between undertakings, for Public Consultation, 28 September 2006 Le 28 septembre 2006, la Commission européenne a lancé une consultation publique sur un projet (...)

Stanislas Martin Suspension of operation: The European Commission clears a merger despite high market shares, as the parties offer products that are not close substitutes and competitors possess considerable excess capacity to counter any attempt to raise prices (Orica/Dyno)


En dépit de parts de marché élevées, l’opération ne pose pas de problème, les parties proposant des produits éloignés et les concurrents disposant de capacités de production excédentaires pour contrer toute tentative de hausse des prix EC Comm., 23 May 2006, Orica / Dyno, case COMP/M.4151 La présente (...)

Stanislas Martin "Gap Case": The European Commission clears under conditions the first “gap case” since the entry into force of the Merger Regulation 139/2004 and the SIEC test (T-Mobile Austria / tele.ring)


EC Comm., 26 April 2006, T-Mobile Austria / Tele.ring, case COMP/M.3916 Cette décision de la Commission est intéressante à plusieurs titres : elle est fondée sur les effets unilatéraux, en l’absence de position dominante. À ce titre, elle pourrait constituer le premier gap case depuis l’adoption du (...)

Stanislas Martin Unilateral effects: The European Commission holds that the level of market shares is not a relevant criterion on differentiated products markets (Adidas Reebook)


La Commission européenne indique que le niveau des parts de marché n’est pas un indicateur pertinent en présence de produits différenciés Comm. CE, 24 janvier 2006, Adidas / Reebok, aff. COMP/M. 3942 La concentration entre Adidas et Reebok, dans le secteur des chaussures de sport, a donné lieu à une (...)

Stanislas Martin Clearance of monopoly creation: The Minister of Economy clears a monopoly with behavioural remedies and efficiency gains (Ouest-France)


Engagements comportementaux et gains d’efficacité Min. Éco., 28 octobre 2005, Ouest-France / “Pôle Ouest” de la Socpresse, aff. C2005-18 Avant d’aborder le fond de cette affaire, qui, quelques mois après l’affaire Boiron/Dolisos (Min. Éco., 21 février 2005, aff. C2004-114, Concurrences, n° 4-2005, p. (...)

Christophe Strassel, Stanislas Martin Is EC State aid policy a competition policy ?


1. La politique des aides d’État a connu un développement singulier, un peu à l’écart des autres branches de la politique communautaire de la concurrence. Certes, les différents articles du traité relatifs au droit de la concurrence ont une origine commune : la volonté allemande, au cours des années (...)

Stanislas Martin Competitive assessment: The French Minister of Economy authorises a television and radio joint venture that will not be active on the national territory (TF1/France Télévisions/CFII)


Création d’une entreprise commune qui ne sera pas active sur le territoire français Min. Éco., 25 mai 2005, TF1 / France Télévisions / CFII, aff. C2005-23 La création de la chaîne française d’information internationale (CFII) a été autorisée sans condition le 25 mai 2005. La constitution de cette (...)

Stanislas Martin Five years of French merger control (2002-2004)


* L’auteur a été responsable du Bureau des concentrations à la Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes, de février 2002 à juillet 2004. L’opinion ici présentée est exprimée à titre personnel et ne saurait engager son ancienne Direction ni l’institution à (...)

Stanislas Martin Settlements: The European Commission considers that an up-front buyer can guarantee the viability of the divested assets and encourage new entry in the market (Sonoco/Ahlstrom)


Engagements : Un « up-front buyer » permet de garantir la viabilité des actifs cédés et de favoriser une nouvelle entrée sur le marché EC Comm., 6 October 2004, Sonoco / Ahlstrom / JV, case COMP/M.3431 Sonoco et Ahlstrom, toutes deux actives dans le secteur des mandrins (cores : tubes de carton (...)

Stanislas Martin Transaction: The French Minister of Economy accepts commitments in a transaction in which a derogation to the suspensory effect was granted (Charles André/Citaix)


Engagements dans une affaire ayant donné lieu à une dérogation à l’obligation de suspension Min. Éco., 2 septembre 2004, Charles André / Citaix, aff. C2004-85 Cette opération, dans le secteur du transport de matières dangereuses (produits pétroliers), donnait lieu à de substantielles additions de parts (...)

Stanislas Martin Remedies: The French Minister of Economy considers that settlements eliminating all concerns pertaining to a transaction are admissible in Phase I (General Electric/Invision)


Proportionnalité des engagements en droit français: Des engagements qui lèvent l’ensemble des « doutes » liés à une opération sont recevables en première phase Min. Éco., 2 août 2004, General Electric / Invision, aff. C2004-098 L’acquisition de la société Invision, active dans les secteurs de détection (...)

Stanislas Martin Commission’s juridiction: The ECJ rules that Article 21-4 Regulation (CE) 139/2004 gives the Commission a decisional power to protect its exclusive jurisdiction vis-à-vis the Member States (Portugal/Commission)


L’article 21-4 du Règlement (CE) n° 139/2004 confère à la Commission un pouvoir de décision pour protéger sa compétence exclusive vis-à-vis des Etats membres ECJ, 22 June 2004, Portugal v. Commission, case C-42/01 Rappelons tout d’abord l’équilibre de l’article 21 du Règlement concentrations. La (...)

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