Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (Copenhagen) DG COMP (Brussels)

Søren Bo Rasmussen

Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (Copenhagen), DG COMP (Brussels)
Case officer

Søren Bo Rasmussen is case officer at European Commission.

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1599 Bulletin

Claes Bengtsson, Kristóf Kovács, Peter Eberl, Søren Bo Rasmussen, Walter Tretton The EU Commission clears a merger in the Danish energy sector remedying competition problems through infrastructure unbundling and gas release (DONG / Elsam / E2)


DONG/Elsam/E2: Remedying competition problems in an energy merger through infrastructure unbundling and gas release* 1. Introduction Following an in-depth investigation, the European Commission on 14 March 2006 authorised — subject to commitments — the acquisition by Danish natural gas (...)

Niklas Fagerlund, Søren Bo Rasmussen The EU Commission imposes a €60 million fine against two companies in the pharmaceutical sector for abuse of dominant position (AstraZeneca)


ASTRAZENECA: THE FIRST ABUSE CASE IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR* 1. Introduction On 15 June 2005 the Commission adopted a decision (‘Decision’) fining the Swedish company AstraZeneca AB and the UK company Astra-Zeneca Plc (together ‘AZ‘) 60 million euros due to their infringements of Article 82 of (...)

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