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Ms. Song Ying is currently working as a partner in AnJie Law Firm focusing on antitrust area. She has rich experience in representing multi-national and domestic corporate clients in antitrust matters. She advised clients on a broad range of sectors such as in internet, aviation, automobile, electronics, telecommunication, energy, household electric appliances, infant formula, food, semiconductor, etc. Song Ying has filed many concentration notifications with the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C (MOFCOM) for the clients’ transactions and also defended for the client on competitors’ objections. Song Ying conducted strategic analysis for transnational and state-owned enterprises with respect to Chinese governments’ policies towards cartels, concentration, abuse of dominant position and administrative monopoly. With in-depth experience in China’s antitrust enforcement, Song Ying has also served many companies in antitrust investigations, private antitrust litigations and compliance projects.

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637 Bulletin

Zhan Hao, Song Ying The Chinese Supreme Court clears its stance on arbitration clauses and states that the jurisdiction of courts over antitrust civil disputes cannot be excluded


CHINA’S SUPREME COURT ENUNCIATED THE NON-ARBITRABILITY OF ANTITRUST CIVIL DISPUTES* For a few years, the topic of whether antitrust civil disputes could be arbitrable had been hotly debated in China. There were few precedents in connection with this issue for people to better understand what (...)

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A Rational Thinking on the Refusal to License Intellectual Property under China’s Antitrust Legal Framework* 1. Introduction This article will address the perplexing issue of refusal to license a patent or copyright to other undertakings conducted by intellectual property proprietors under (...)

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NDRC Imposed the Penalty against LCD Panel Companies for Their Monopolistic Behavior* China’s National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”) has imposed a heavy penalty of total RMB 353 million yuan against six companies for the monopolistic behavior of price-fixing on liquid crystal display (...)

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