Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)

Siún O’Keeffe

Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)
Manager ACM Academy

Siún O’Keeffe has been Senior Strategy Advisor at the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets since 1 April 2013. From 2008 until the launch of ACM in 2013, Siún was Senior International Advisor at the Netherlands Competition Authority. From 2003 to 2008, Siún worked as a case-handler and project-leader at the Competition Department of the Netherlands Competition Authority. An Irish lawyer, specialised in European Competition law, Siún worked from 1993 to 2002 as lecturer and junior lecturer in European law at the Universities of Limerick in Ireland and Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Siún is a graduate of the University College, Cork, Ireland (BCL, LLB) the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium (LLM) and the King’s Inns, Dublin, Ireland (Barrister-at-law).

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Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)
Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)
Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)
Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)
Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets- ACM (The Hague)


9249 Review

Marjolein De Backer, Alec J. Burnside, Anton Hartl, Simon Holmes, Suzanne Kingston, Alexander Koprivnikar, Manish Mohan Govil, Siún O’Keeffe, Peter Georg Picht, Elise Provost, Nicole Rosenboom, Sahar Shamsi, Khushi Singh, Delphine Strohl, Ralph Taschke Sustainability and competition policy


The need to integrate sustainability considerations into all modern competition policies is more important than ever in the light of three factors: the effects of climate change becoming ever more apparent; inadequate policy and regulatory responses; and growing evidence that many businesses (...)

Frédéric Jenny, Christian Ahlborn, Jeremy Bacharach, Christoph Barth, Christian Bovet, Marcel Boyer, Jacques Buhart, Maria Pilar Canedo Arrillaga, Carpagnano Michele, Daniel A. Crane, Aymeric de Moncuit, Valentine Delaloye, Jacques Derenne, David-Julien dos Santos Goncalves, David Gabathuler, Mark Griffiths, Leigh Hancher, David Henry, Pierre Horna, David Kupka, Siún O’Keeffe, Christian Ritz, Giulio Cesare Rizza, Matthias Schlau, Mario Siragusa, Anastasia Usova, Viala Faustine, Masako Wakui Competition law and health crisis


The unexpected shock provoked by the Covid-19 crisis and the measures taken to limit the spread of the pandemic have affected the functioning of many markets. Throughout the world, competition authorities which, in the last decade, had been enforcing their laws in the context of steady economic (...)

Eric Barbier de la Serre, Guy Canivet, Henk Don, Laurence Idot, Siún O’Keeffe TR II - Procedural autonomy: Is it time for convergence in Europe? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference - Paris, February 10th 2012)


This second roundtable of the conference “New frontiers of Antitrust”, Paris, 10 February 2012, was dedicated to procedural autonomy with regards to competition law enforcement. After a short introduction by Guy Canivet, member of the French Constitutional Council, Éric Barbier de la Serre, (...)


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