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Simon Bishop

RBB Economics (Brussels)

Simon Bishop has worked in economic consultancy since 1991. He has advised on numerous major cases before the EC Commission and national competition authorities. Clients for whom Simon has acted as lead economist include GE, British Airways, FA Premier League, Bertelsmann, Canal+ and UEFA. He has particular expertise in the application of quantitative techniques both in the context of assessing the likely competitive effects of mergers and also in non-merger settings. Simon has published widely including reports and articles on market definition, collective dominance in merger control, bidding markets, loyalty rebates and vertical restraints. He is the co-author of The Economics of EC Competition Law (2nd edition, Sweet & Maxwell, 2002), the leading textbook on the application of economics to European competition law, and co-editor of the European Competition Journal.


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Simon Bishop 25 March 2014 Washington DC


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