Silvia D’Alberti

Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli, Partners (Brussels)
Lawyer (Partner - Head of Antitrust Department)

Silvia D’Alberti is a partner in the Rome office and is in charge of the Italian Antitrust group. She specialises in EU and national antitrust law, misleading advertising and corporate law. She has significant experience of merger notifications to the National Antitrust Authority and has represented major Italian and international companies in investigations carried out by it.

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13675 Bulletin

Lucio d’Amario, Silvia d’Alberti The Italian Antitrust Authority applies for the first time the new leniency programme by granting complete exemption from fine (Produttori di pannelli truciolari in legno)


Italian Competition Authority (Autorità garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato), 17 May 2007, Case I649 - Produttori di pannelli truciolari in legno, Provvedimento n° 16835 ; Bollettino n° 20, 5 June 2007 Four years after the Communication of the Commission on immunities and fines and after (...)

Claudia Cattarin, Francesca Morra, Silvia d’Alberti The Italian Government issues legislation giving, inter alia, power to the Antitrust Authority to impose interim measures (Bersani Decree)


The new legislation Last July, the Italian Government issued legislation (Law Decree of 4 July 2006, named the Bersani Decree after its promoter) which, inter alia, gave the Italian Antitrust Authority (IAA) the power to impose interim measures. In particular, the Bersani Decree amended the (...)

Claudia Cattarin, Silvia d’Alberti The Italian Government issues a law decree aiming at the complete liberalisation of markets and a system of effective competition (Bersani’s Decree Law)


The Italian Government issued Law Decree 4 July 2006, known as Bersani’s Decree from the name of its promoter, inspired by the EC rules which favour fair and transparent access to markets, the removal of the regulatory barriers and the granting of power to the Commission to enforce competition (...)

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