Stefan Moser

DG ENER (Brussels)
Head of Unit

Stefan Moser was born in Munich in 1971 and trained as an economist and a lawyer. He joined the Commission in 2000 in DG Competition to work on control of state aid to public undertakings and services, notably financial institutions. From 2005 to 2009, he worked in DG Environment on climate and environment policy, notably greenhouse gas emissions trading, transport emissions and air quality. From 2009 to 2015, he dealt with policy coordination in the Secretariat-General, in particular on climate, energy, environment, transport, agriculture and maritime policies. He was appointed Head of the Security of Supply Unit in DG Energy in March 2015.

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1947 Bulletin

Annette Sölter, Elke Graeper, Martha Cambas, Stefan Moser, Yvonne Simon The European Commission orders Germany to recover more than €3 billion, plus interest, from public banks (WestLB)


"German Landesbanken: Recovery of more than €3 billion, plus interest, from WestLB and six other public banks"* On 20 October 2004, the European Commission concluded its long-standing investigation of the transfer of public assets, in the 1990s, to seven German public banks (Landesbanken) by (...)

Elke Graeper, Stefan Moser The EU Court of First Instance issues its judgment in a case concerning transfer of capital to a German public law credit institution clarifying major policy issues concerning State aid rules (WestLB)


"The judgement of the Court of First Instance concerning the transfer of capital to Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale (WestLB)"* On 6 March 2003 the Court of First Instance (CFI) issued the long-awaited judgement in the WestLB case concerning the transfer of the Wohnungsbauförderungsanstalt (...)

Karl Soukup, Nicolas Pesaresi, Stefan Moser The German government accepts the amendment of the European Commission’s proposal for ’appropriate measures’ as regards the system of State guarantees to German public banks (Anstaltslast und Gewährträgerhaftung)


"State guarantees to German public banks: a new step in the enforcement of State aid discipline to financial services in the Community"* By letter of 11 April 2002, the German government accepted the amendment of 27 March 2002 of the Commission’s proposal for appropriate measures as regards the (...)

Karl Soukup, Stefan Moser The German government accepts the ’appropriate measures’ proposed by the European Commission in order to render the system of State guarantees for public law credit institutions compatible with the State aid rules of the EC Treaty (Anstaltslastand Gewährträgerhaftung)


"Germany – Further developments on State guarantees for German public banks – The German Government accepted the ‘appropriate measures’ proposed by the Commission"* The German Government accepted on 18 July 2001 the formal recommendation adopted by the European Commission on 8 May 2001, proposing (...)

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