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Sébastien Thomas

European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)

Sébastien Thomas is a référendaire (law clerk) at the Court of Justice of the EU, working for different judges at the General Court and at the Court since 2013. Previously, he used to work for the Commission Legal Service in the field of State aid and antidumping (2010-2013) and also briefly for the Council Legal Service. He also used to work as an academic assistant at the College of Europe (Bruges, 2007-2009). In addition, Sébastien Thomas regularly publishes academic articles and Case notes in the field of EU law, especially on State aid law

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European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)


593 Bulletin

Sébastien Thomas The EU General Court annuls the Commission’s decision finding Spain’s tax lease system constitutes illegal State aid (Spain / Lico Leasing / Pequeños y Medianos Astilleros Sociedad de Reconversión)


The Spanish tax lease case: Identifying the beneficiary under the selectivity test in Fiscal aid schemes*In its judgment of 17 December 2015, Spain a.o./Commission the General Court once again annulled a Commission decision dealing with a fiscal State aid scheme on the grounds that the (...)

Sébastien Thomas The EU Court of Justice upholds the finding that the construction of a new runway is inherently related to economic activity, and falls outside the scope of exercise of state authority (Leipzig Halle)


The Leipzig-Halle judgment of the CJEU: is the financing of a transport infrastructure an economic activity subject to State aid rules?* The financing and construction of transport infrastructure has often been considered in the past to fall outside the ambit of State aid rules, on the basis (...)

Sébastien Thomas The EU Court of Justice reaffirms the objective character of the notion of state aid finding that the private investor test remains applicable even in cases where the means employed by the state are not available to a private investor (EDF)


The EDF judgment of the CJEU in case C-124/10 P: towards a public investor test in EU State aid law?* On the 5th of June 2012, the Court of Justice of the EU (hereafter ‘CJEU’) delivered an important judgment in the field of European State aid law on the very notion of State aid and the (...)

581 Review

Jacques Derenne, Alessandro Cogoni, Massimo Merola, Guillaume Blanc, Philipp Werner, Cvetelina Georgieva, Dimitris Vallindas, Ulrich Soltész, Christian Weinmann, Valérie Noël, Sébastien Thomas, Alistair McGlone, Clélia Jadot The role of third parties in State aid cases


The prior control of the granting of State aid by an independent and supranational authority, the European Commission, constitutes the essential cornerstone of the creation of the internal market. However, State aid procedural rules have privileged Member States, whilst third parties, primarily (...)

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