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Sebastian Vos heads the European division of Covington & Burling’s global public policy and government affairs practice. Mr. Vos has extensive experience in the European Union and advises clients as they navigate and manage today’s global regulatory and policy challenges. Mr. Vos provides clients with strategic public policy, regulatory, and communications advice on a range of competition, trade, transactional and sectoral issues. Mr Vos has particular expertise in advising companies in the technology, financial services, energy and transport sectors. Mr. Vos was formerly a partner at a leading global public affairs consultancy. Prior to this, he was head of the competition practice at a strategic communications agency. He worked as an attorney at a magic circle firm, specialising in Antitrust, Competition and Trade law, as well as being a member of the Public Policy practice. He has also worked at the European Commission, and was part of its Delegation to the United States in 2000. Mr. Vos has written articles on legal and political developments in various publications, including Europe’s World, Bloomberg Business Law Review and European Competition Law Review. He has also been a commentator on broadcast media including CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

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Peter Camesasca, Laurie-Anne Grelier, Sophie Bertin, Johan Ysewyn, Horst Henschen, Katherine Kingsbury, Sebastian Vos The EU Commission proposes a regulation that introduces more scrutiny for companies receiving foreign subsidies


Companies that benefit from non-EU state support or subsidies will soon face heightened scrutiny in the European Union (EU) as the European Commission unveiled on May 5 its proposed Regulation on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market. As its name suggests, the proposed Regulation (...)

Sebastian Vos The Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal confirms the annulation of the Dutch Competition Authority’s merger decision having imposed electricity auction as remedy on the wholesale electricity market (Nuon / Reliant)


Introduction In its judgment of 28 November 2006 the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (“Tribunal”) dismissed the appeal lodged by the Dutch Competition Authority (“NMa”) in the Nuon/Reliant merger case. The case started in 2003 following the imposition of structural remedies with a phase (...)

Sebastian Vos The Rotterdam District Court quashes the decision of the Competition Authority in the mobile operators’ case for insufficient motivation (KPN Mobile / Orange / T-Mobile / Vodafone Libertel)


The District Court of Rotterdam judged in favour of the “mobile operators” in their case against the Dutch Competition Authority (the NMa). The NMa’s case alleging cartel activities was ruled to be insufficiently founded and therefore annulled. On July 13th, the District Court of Rotterdam (...)


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