Santiago Rossi

Kim & Chang (Seoul)
Lawyer (Associate)

Mr. Santiago Rossi is an associate lawyer at Kim & Change in Seoul. He holds a J.D from Seoul National University, and an LL.M. in Competition and European Law from King’s College, London. He practiced Law in Argentina and in Spain as part of the department of Procedural Law of the French Law Buffet Mazars until February 2010. He is also a member of ALADA, (Latin American Association of Aeronautical Law) and worked as independent consultant for AVCONET a German consulting firm in Aviation related matters.


1289 Bulletin

Santiago Rossi The Spanish National Appeal Court reduces fines against a cartel in the wine sector giving a new interpretation of calculation of fines that may lead to favor cartelist activity in the future (Bodegas Williams & Humbert)


On March 8, 2013, the Audiencia Nacional (AN), the Spanish National Appeal Court, ruled in the judicial review of actions brought by Bodegas Williams & Humbert, SA against the Decision of the Spanish Competition Authority (CNC) dated July 28, 2010. The CNC had found elements to conclude (...)

Santiago Rossi The Argentinean Supreme Court prevents the application of competition provisions of the new regulatory broadcasting framework that forces the country’s biggest media conglomerate to break up (Grupo Clarin)


Against the expectations of the government of Argentina, the Argentinean Supreme Court, agreed to the request of the biggest Argentinean media conglomerate, Grupo Clarín, and extended on 27 December 2012 an injunction which suspended the adjustment obligation established under Section 161 of the (...)

Santiago Rossi The Spanish Competition Authority fines a broadcasting company and its subsidiary for abusing their dominant position in the market for audiovisual retransmission rights of football matches (Mediapro and Gol TV)


The Spanish competition authority (CNC) has fined jointly MEDIAPRODUCCIÓN S.L. (MEDIAPRO) and its subsidiary GOL TV 500,000 Euros for abusing its dominant position in the market for audiovisual retransmission rights of football matches. The facts that have led to the decision of the CNC can be (...)

Santiago Rossi The Spanish Competition Authority grants full immunity from fines to the first cartel member who provided information and a reduction of 40% to another who provided significant evidence that helped to establish the infringement (Transitarios)


One of the major changes introduced by the new Spanish Competition Act (Law 15/2007, 3rd July, on Defense of Competition) which entered into force on September 1st 2007, was the introduction of a leniency program. The leniency program entered into force on 28th February 2008 after the adoption (...)

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