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Sami Andoura

European Commission, College of Europe (Bruges)
Team Leader / Visiting Professor

Sami Andoura is professor and chairholder of the European Energy Policy Chair at the College of Europe in Bruges. Sami Andoura is also Team Leader, European Political Strategy Centre at the European Commission. He is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Studia Diplomatica - The Brussels Journal for International Relations, edited by EGMONT - Royal Institute for International Relations, where he is Senior Associate Fellow dealing with energy policy issues. He is also a Guest Lecturer in several universities across Europe, and contributes in several training programmes for diplomats and journalists. Andoura previously held positions in Brussels with EGMONT Institute as Senior Research Fellow in charge of the European Affairs programme under the supervision of Rtd Amb. Philippe de Schoutheete, in the Brussels office of the British Law firm Lovells, and as Assistant Professor at Paris II Panthéon-Assas University.

Andoura completed his degree in Law at Paris II Panthéon-Assas University and holds LLMs in European Business Law at Paris II Panthéon-Assas University, in International Economic Law at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, and in European Legal Studies from the College of Europe.

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16559 Bulletin

Jacques Derenne, Sami Andoura The Brussels Court of Appeal issues a preliminary ruling on the successive application of Art. 81.3 EC to vertical agreements and concerted practices and rules on the De minimis doctrine (Emond / Brasserie Haacht)


This is a judgment of the Brussels Court of Appeal responding to a request for a preliminary ruling from the Court d’appel de Liège ("Court of Appeal of Liège"), on the application of Article 81 EC and vertical block exemption regulations to a beer supply agreement setting up an exclusive (...)

Jacques Derenne, Sami Andoura The Paris Court of Appeal condemns an undertaking in the cosmetic sector to repair the damage suffered by a manufacturer for the unauthorized resale of its products outside the selective distribution network (La Roche Posay)


This is a judgment of the Court of Appeal of Paris applying Article 81 EC which has been transmitted to the European Commission by virtue of Article 15(2) of Regulation n° 1/2003 and has been published on DG Competition’s website (See also on this case, C. Mai-Doremus and J. Philippe, The (...)


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