Rossella Incardona

University of Palermo
State Prosecutor

Before becoming a prosecutor in 2017, Rossella Incardona used to work as a business lawyer in Milan, Italy. She received an LL.M. in International Commercial Law from the University of Aberdeen (UK) in 2000 and obtained a Ph.D. in Business Law from the University of Palermo (Italy). She has been a Marie Curie researcher at the University of Muenster (Germany) in the academic year 2004/2005.

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35222 Bulletin

Rossella Incardona An Italian administrative court asks the Constitutional Court whether a legislative measure that conditionally cleared a merger outside ordinary merger control is in compliance with the Italian Constitution (Federconsumatori)


All the undertakings are equal. It happens in Italy, however, that some undertakings are more equal than others and the State allows them to realise a concentration without subjecting them to ordinary merger control rules. The Italian Constitutional Court (Constitutional Court), in a (...)

Rossella Incardona The Italian Competition Authority sanctions a cartel of 26 pasta producers and professional associations on the basis of Art. 81.1 EC (Listino prezzi della pasta)


On 25 February 2009 the Authority ascertained two price-fixing cartels in the Italian market of durum semolina pasta and fined 26 pasta producers (Amato, Barilla, Colussi, De Cecco, Divella, Garofalo, Nestlé, Rummo, Zara, Berruto, Delverde, Granoro, Riscossa, Tandoi, Cellino, Chirico, De (...)

Rossella Incardona The Italian Competition Authority accepts commitments in the mobile telephony market closing its investigation against the three mobile network operators under Art. 81 and 82 EC (Vodafone / TIM / Wind)


The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) continues to use its new powers to issue commitments decisions. Similarly to article 9 of Council Regulation (EC) n° 1/2003, of 16 December 2002, on the implementation of the rules on competition laid down in Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty (OJEC L 1, 4 (...)

Gian Luca Zampa, Rossella Incardona The Italian Competition Authority opens investigations into two airports for alleged excessive pricing and abuse of dominant position (Aeroporti di Roma / Milano)


On 14 December 2006, the Italian Antitrust Authority (IAA) has initiated two formal investigations on the market for the management of airport infrastructures in relation to the airports of Rome and Milan. Following a complaint by IBAR, the association representing the air carriers active in (...)

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