Romain Papy

Dassault (Paris)
General Manager FBO

Romain Papy is the General Manager of Dassault Falcon Service since 2016. He was previously the managing Director of the Lorient South Brittany airport. Prior to this he was general manager France of Air Partner. He holds a Doctorate in Law and a Master of European Law (University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV), a LL.M in International Business Law (University of Manchester) and a Mastère Spécialisé (Ms) in Air Transport Management (ENAC french civil Aviation/ESC Toulouse). He has an extensive knowledge of the aviation industry based both on legal and strategic grounds. In his Thesis (2011) “EU Competition Law in the Aviation Industry”, he analyzed all the aspects of airline mergers, alliances, joint-ventures cartels and antitrust practices that occur within the sector in Europe and more widely in comparison with US antitrust framework. Being active in managing an air charter broker company, he is in regular contact with airlines, airports and regulators. As a Quality manager in 2008, he has developed an internal system of selection of airlines and risk management based on air safety standards and regulations that was awarded an ISO 9001 certification.


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