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Romain Leblond-Masson

University Paris Nanterre
Ph.D. Candidate

Mr. Leblond-Masson teaches administrative law at University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. He is a public law Ph.D. candidate at the same University.

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University Paris Nanterre


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Romain Leblond-Masson “In house” exception : The European Court of Justice specifies conditions to resort the “in house” exception and considers that an activity imposed by a public authority which is not a shareholder should not be taken into account to quantify the performance of the essential activity with public authorities are shareholders (Undis Servizi)


The EU Court of Justice specifies the conditions for using the "in house" exception. In this case, the municipality of Sulmona in Italy awarded the waste management service to the fully state-owned company Cogesa, which is owned by several municipalities. The municipality of Sulmona holds 200 (...)

Romain Leblond-Masson Rating method : The French Supreme Administrative Court holds that a public buyer may introduce under conditions a part of chance in the selection process of the best offer (SNEF)


In February 2016, the City of Marseille launched a call for tenders for the award of a works contract for the operation and maintenance of its public lighting installations. Challenging the procedure, the company Travaux électriques du Midi (TEM) referred the matter to the pre-contractual (...)

Romain Leblond-Masson Full remedy action: The French Supreme Administrative Court specifies an action against a public contract and considers that a health regional agency cannot be regarded as establishing an interest to act to ask the administrative judge to cancel or suspend a public contract but must demonstrate, as any other third party, that its interests has been, sufficiently, directly and in a certain way harmed (Agence régionale de santé d’Auvergne)


In 2015, a hospital centre concluded a public contract for the deconstruction, design and construction for the reconstruction of the intergenerational space for approximately 14 million euros. Wishing to challenge that contract, the Auvergne Regional Health Agency (hereinafter ’ARS’) brought an (...)

Romain Leblond-Masson Occupation of the public domain: The Council of State rules that the Tropic appeal can be applied on the lease agreement on the public domain if the agreement has been concluded following discretionary announcement and competition procedure (Le Royaume des arbres)


In 2010, a municipality awarded a state occupation agreement for the establishment of a recreational and sports activity area. Having seen its decision rejected, Le Royaume des arbres challenged the allocation of the agreement and asked the administrative court to annul it. Having rejected this (...)

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