Robert McLeod

MLex Market Insight
Chief Executing Officer, Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding MLex in 2005, Robert built his career as a Bloomberg News journalist covering financial services, mergers & acquisitions and antitrust in London, Paris and Brussels. Having cemented a reputation for providing inside insight and commentary on the risk to business from government regulation and intervention, he quickly gained investor support for the news start-up that became MLex. Robert continues to be a leading commentator on antitrust and competition policy, and is a frequent conference speaker on issues relating to international policy implementation.

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6993 Review

Brandon Mitchener, Claire Harris, Haines Terry, Jacques-Henri Lafitte, Philip Marsden, Robert McLeod, Stephen Kinsella Obe Lobbying competition law & policy ?


Parmi les praticiens du droit de la concurrence, la question revient souvent de savoir si le lobbying a un vrai rôle à jouer dans cette matière. Certains praticiens sont farouchement contre, d’autres l’ont accepté avec prudence, d’autres encore l’ont adopté sans hésitation. Cette série d’articles (...)

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