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Richard S. Taffet

Morgan Lewis (New York)

Richard Taffet is a senior antitrust and litigation partner in Morgan, Lewis & Bockius’ New York office. He serves as lead counsel in a wide range of antitrust, intellectual property, and commercial litigation matters, and represents clients before U.S. and international antitrust enforcement agencies. Mr. Taffet specializes in technology and payments matters.


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Richard Taffet (Morgan Lewis)
Richard S. Taffet 1 May 2019 New York
Richard Taffet
Richard S. Taffet 2 May 2018 New York
Richard Taffet
Richard S. Taffet 23 May 2017 New York
Richard Taffet (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius)
Richard S. Taffet 28 March 2017 Washington, DC


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Richard S. Taffet, Marc Rysman, Katie Glynn, Jonathan M. Jacobson, Linda Cenedella, Joanna Christoforou, Nicholas Pellow, Jon R. Roellke, Jorge Padilla, Albert Riera, Xavier Vives, Rainer Schwabe Tech’s Impact on Financial Services Competition


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Alden Abbott, Robin Adelstein, Megan Browdie, Michael A. Carrier, Peter C. Carstensen, Samuel Clark, Lisl Dunlop, Harry First, Albert A. Foer, Eleanor M. Fox, Jacqueline Grise, Ryan Kantor, Donald C. Klawiter, John Kwoka, James Langenfeld, Tad Lipsky, Alessandro Massolo, Howard Morse, Gabriella Muscolo, James Bo Pearl, Noah Pinegar, Chris Ring, Christopher Sagers, Richard S. Taffet, Willard K. Tom, Eliot Turner, Douglas (Doug) Tween, Tommaso Valletti, Michael L. Weiner The new US antitrust administration


This Concurrences special set of articles focuses on antitrust law and enforcement in the aftermath of the American Presidential Elections. It questions the changes and challenges expected in 2021 under the new Biden administration, and its impacts with respect to antitrust legislation and (...)

Agathe Richard, Aidan Synnott, Albert A. Foer, Alden Abbott, Alvaro Ramos, Ben Labow, Bonny Sweeney, Bradley T. Tennis, Christopher Meyers, Donald C. Klawiter, James J. Tierney, James Langenfeld, Janet L. McDavid, John DeQ. Briggs, John Kwoka, Joseph Farrell, Logan Breed, Mark D. Whitener, Michael A. Carrier, Michael D. Hausfeld, Michael L. Weiner, Michael P. Lehmann, Richard S. Taffet, Scott Sher, Sharis Pozen, William H. Rooney What is Trump Antitrust?


Change is in the air and it is coming to antitrust and competition policy in the United States. The unexpected election of President-elect Donald J. Trump opened wide the speculation or mystery about what he and his advisors are planning concerning his administration’s antitrust policy. During (...)

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Recently appointed Global Competition Counsel at PayPal, Robert Mahnke offers his point of view on the evolution of the competitive marketplace and explains how the sector operates. He particularly stresses the leading role of innovation and the challenges the company will face in the future. (...)


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