Régis Lanneau

University Paris Nanterre

Regis is a lecturer and researcher at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense. He specialises in public law. His research interests are economic analysis of law, constitutional law, philosophy of law and regulatory law. He co-heads the law and economy Bachelor’s degree as well as the Master’s degree in economic law from University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense.


346 Review

Régis Lanneau Foreign investments : The French Prime Minister adopts the executive order 2014-479, expending the range of activities requiring the approval of the Ministry of Economy


Content "The choice we made with the Prime Minister was a choice of economic patriotism. These measures to protect France’s strategic interests are a reconquest of our power. It is the end of laissez-faire" (remarks by Arnaud Montebourg, Le Monde, 15 May 2014). Decree 2014-479, adopted on the (...)

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