Régis Fabre

Baker Mckenzie (Paris)
Lawyer (Partner)

Régis Fabre takes part in the control of advertising activities for advertisers and for agencies, and also in sales promotion for operations on websites or mails. He also works on the National and European competition law for important clients regarding antitrust, state subsidies, cartel and concentration issues. In his capacity of Counsel, his work focuses on the constitution of franchises, distribution networks for retailer’s and wholesaler’s activities. He constituted purchasing groups and ensured their development. Régis has a special expertise and gives conferences and publishes numerous articles and books, in these fields. He was in charge of the publication of the “Lettre de la Concurrence Consommation Actualités” from 1991 to 1995. He has also contributed to several publications. Régis is also a Professor at the Law University of Montpellier. Regis Fabre is a member of the Team of Experts of FFF (Fédération Française de la Franchise - French federation of franchising). Doctor of Law, Regis Fabre is an attorney who holds a post-graduate graduated degree in Business Law and a post-graduate degree in Patent Rights from the University of Montpellier. He was admitted to practice in Paris, France (1987). Before joining EY Law in 1995, he had set up his own law firm, specializing since 1980 in competition, distribution law. In 2003, he joined Baker & McKenzie SCP.

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