Rachael Mooney

Dirty Monty (London)

A former lawyer qualified in both Paris and London, Rachael Mooney spent 3+ years in Los Angeles working with Oscar-winning producer Fred Roos (The Godfather II, Lost in Translation, St Vincent) on the development and selection of film projects, acting as both reader and assistant. With Fred’s mentorship, Rachael founded production company Dirty Monty, investing in Austin Film Festival Best Comedy Screenplay Winner The P.A.N.D.A. War by Dan Shea. Now based in London, Rachael is currently: writing and developing an animated feature based on the art work of Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshii; producing a script about Henry Miller’s experience living in Big Sur, California (with producer Orian Williams whose work includes the superlative CONTROL); and co-writing, with the President and CEO of the Cirque du Soleil, Mr. Daniel Lamarre, a book about the business of creativity. A graduate of Oxford University (MA Jurisprudence), her decade spent at the cutting edge of corporate and commercial law has provided her with a wealth of experience managing conflict, running teams, and negotiating contracts, all skills that serve her well in the production arena. Moving from Paris to LA, she pursued her love of film through studies at UCLA Extension, with a particular emphasis on creative production, and the legal and financial aspects of the film business.


23991 Bulletin

Rachael Mooney The UK Competition Commission refers for the first time a water merger to the Competition Commission which imposed a price reduction remedy (Mid-Kent Water / South-East Water)


Introduction By way of introduction, the Enterprise Act 2002, that put in place many changes to competition law in England and Wales, amended the Water Industry Act 1991 to provide that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) was under a duty to refer the merger/proposed merger of any two or more (...)

Rachael Mooney The UK Civil Aviation Authority publishes a policy document concerning the use of its power to impose conditions on airports for anti-competitive behaviour and agrees on a MOU with the OFT (UK Airport)


The Law Under section 41 of the Airports Act 1986 (the Act) the CAA is empowered to impose conditions on certain airports in England, Scotland and Wales should they be found, after investigation, to have taken a course of conduct prohibited by the Act. Such conduct is broadly anti-competitive (...)

Olivier Fréget, Rachael Mooney The UK Department of Trade and Industry and HM Treasury makes an assesment of the concurrent powers of the NCA and the sectoral regulators to enforce competition law (DTI/HM Treasury Report, May 2006)


The Purpose of the Study In May 2006, the UK government’s Department of Trade and Industry (the DTI) and HM Treasury produced a Report (the “Report”) on the concurrent competition powers possessed by the UK’s sectoral regulators [Office of Gas and Electricitys Markets (Ofgem), Office of (...)

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