Luigi Prosperetti

Luigi Prosperetti (Milan), University of Milan
Professor and Lawyer

Luigi Prosperetti is professor of Economic Policy at the Faculty of Law, Università di Milano. He also founded Luigi Prosperetti & Partners in 2000. He studied economics at Bocconi, Milan and at the London School of Economics (M.Sc., 1978; Ph.D., 1982). He has advised several clients in regulatory and antitrust matters, including Alcoa, Capitalia, Canal Plus, Coca-Cola, Deltafina, Deutsche Bank, Enel, Exxon Mobil, Intesa-San Paolo, Merck, Praxair, RAS and Telecom Italia. He has written extensively on regulatory and antitrust issues.

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13304 Bulletin

Luigi Prosperetti The Italian Competition Authority inflicts fines in excess of € 13 million to several firms operating in lead recycling, and their consortium, for fixing market shares and foreclosing the creation of alternative consortia (COBAT)


COBAT was formed to in 1998 as the Consortium for the gathering and processing of used lead-based batteries. Up to 2006, COBAT enjoyed a legal monopoly, and any company engaged in any activity concerned with the recycling of lead-based batteries (i.e.: smelters, producers or importers of (...)

Luigi Prosperetti The Italian Administrative Supreme Court dismisses a decision by the Competition Authority condemning all major producers of technical gas for concerted practices (Technical Gas)


Background In April 2006 the Italian NCA fined for a total of 56.9 million all major Italian producers of technical gases for a market allocation agreement, which had allegedly been in effect for a substantial period of time. There was indeed proof that in the 1980s - before the enactment, in (...)

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