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Philippe Choné

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Philippe Choné is a member of the French Competition Authority since 2014, a Professor of Economics at ENSAE since 2011 and a researcher at CREST. His academic work relates to law and economics, industrial organisation (nonlinear pricing, antitrust, mergers) and public economics.

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Philippe Choné What role for competition in the hospital sector ?


In most European countries hospital care is funded through prospective payment systems with regulated prices. Hospitals compete in quality to attract patients. The welfare effects of competition are widely discussed in the economic literature. In France the payment rule has been criticized for (...)

David Sevy, Philippe Choné Regulation and Competition


This set of papers is derived from the training session organised by Concurrences Review that has held on 14th December 2010 in Paris. For M. Choné, auhor of the first paper, the regulation of infrastructures involves difficult economic challenges. Upgrading infrastructures and building new (...)

Assimakis Komninos, Florence Ninane, Francesco Rosati, Geoffrey D. Oliver, Hendrik Bourgeois, Ioannis Lianos, James Killick, Johanne Peyre, Niamh McCarthy, Philippe Choné The EU guidance on exclusionary abuses: A step forward or a missed opportunity?


What are the consequences for business of the Commission’s Communication on Article 82 of the Treaty? Does it make the Commission’s action more predictable? Does the use of a wide range of economic criteria reduce the risk that pro-competitive practices by dominant companies will be considered (...)

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