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Philippe Chauve

European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
Head of Unit

Philippe Chauve is the head of unit at the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission. The Task Force is working on regulatory and antitrust issues in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (food, home care, personal care) and agricultural inputs (fertilisers, pesticides etc) in Europe. Recently the task-force concluded a landmark case concerning practices of the world largest beer maker AB InBev preventing trade between EU member states. Philippe Chauve has extensive experience in antitrust enforcement and merger procedures. Before heading the Task Force he was enforcing competition rules in the energy sector, where he carried out a sector inquiry and many antitrust and merger investigations and implemented unprecedented remedies (such as the first large scale divestiture of assets in European Antitrust History –sales power plants and networks). In earlier jobs he also negotiated trade agreements for goods and services in the WTO and between the EU and its trading partners.

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4785 Bulletin

Edouard Leduc, Elzbieta Glowicka, Martin Godfried, Philippe Chauve, Stefan Siebert The EU Commission accepts commitments offered by Swedish incumbent electricity operator in the electricity transmission market (Svenska Kraftnät)


"Swedish Interconnector case /Improving electricity cross-border trade"* I. Introduction The size of the transmission network is a key determinant of competition in wholesale electricity markets. The larger this network, the more suppliers inject their electricity and hence compete for (...)

Gregor Langus, Kristóf Kovács, Krisztian Kecsmar, Miriam Driessen-Reilly, Philippe Chauve The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger between German and Dutch electricity undertakings (RWE / Essent)


"RWE/Essent: On the Borderline"* I. Introduction On 29 April 2009, the Commission was notified by RWE Aktiengesellschaft (“RWE”) of its intent to acquire sole control of ESSENT N.V. (“Essent”) by way of a private offer. The Commission’s investigation revealed that the proposed (...)

Karoly Nagy, Philippe Chauve, Martin Godfried, Stefan Siebert, Gregor Langus, Kristóf Kovács The EU Commission approves structural remedies offered by German electricity operator to remove suspected infringements of EU Article 102 concerns in the German electricity wholesale and balancing markets (E.ON)


"The E.ON electricity cases: an antitrust decision with structural remedies"* I. Introduction On 26 November 2008 the Commission adopted a commitment decision addressed to E.ON AG for suspected infringements of EU competition law involving the German electricity markets. For the first time (...)

Philippe Chauve, Polyvios Panayides The EU Commission finds that Greece has infringed art. 86(1) in conjunction with art. 82 of the EC Treaty by maintaining the preferential access to lignite in favour of the incumbent Greek electricity provider (PPC)


"The importance of access to fuels for competition in the electricity sector: the case of lignite in Greece"* On 5 March 2008 the Commission adopted a Decision finding that the Hellenic Republic had infringed Article 86(1) in conjunction with Article 82 of the EC Treaty by maintaining the (...)


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