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Phil Proger is a lawyer at Jones Day (Washington, DC office). He practices antitrust law with emphasis on matters before U.S. and international enforcement agencies, including mergers and cartel investigations, as well as antitrust litigation. Phil also oversees Jones Day’s worldwide Antitrust & Competition Law Practice. He has extensive experience advising on antitrust issues in a broad range of industries, including health care, chemicals, insurance, media, pharmaceuticals, software, and retail. He has represented companies and individuals in criminal and civil cartel investigations conducted simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions and defended those clients in follow-up class actions, private treble damage actions, and non-U.S. damage actions. He also has handled numerous investigations by antitrust enforcement agencies involving mergers and nonmerger conduct (including conduct involving licensing, patent settlements, and refusals to deal). Phil has served as a member of the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association (2003-2006), Chair of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law (1998-1999), and Co-Chair of the ABA’s 2008 Transition Report to the new Administration on antitrust enforcement. He is a frequent writer and speaker on antitrust topics and has testified before Congress (Senate and House of Representatives), the Federal Trade Commission, the Antitrust Modernization Commission, and the International Competition Policy Advisory Committee. He is a member of The American Law Institute, a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, the advisory boards of BNA Antitrust & Trade Regulation Report and The M&A Lawyer, and the Board of Visitors of the University of Maryland School of Law.

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3073 Bulletin

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With the Supreme Court set to address the validity of "reverse payment" settlements of pharmaceutical patent litigation, the FTC released a summary of its new report, announcing that in 2012 drug companies entered "a record number" of such settlements. However, the underlying data and analysis (...)

Craig A. Waldman, Margaret A. Ward, Philip A. Proger The US DoJ requires divestiture of the entire US business before approving a merger in the market for point-of-sale terminals in retail stores (VeriFone / Hypercom)


In any transaction involving the combination of two or more competitors, M&A lawyers should consider whether antitrust issues may impact the deal, and how they can be addressed in the merger agreement. Most of the transactions closely scrutinized by the U.S. antitrust authorities are (...)

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The detection and punishment of illegal cartels are at the top of the European Commission’s enforcement agenda. In 2001, the Commission meted out record fines in cartel cases totaling $ 1.6 billion, eclipsing the U.S. single-year record of $ 1.1 billion. Historically, the Commission’s fabled « (...)

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