Phillip Evans

FIPRA International (Bristol)
Special Advisor

Phillip Evans is an independant consultant. He is a former member of the Competition Commission in the United Kingdom (Deputy Panel Chair). Before joining the UK Competition Commission, Phil was Head of Consumer Policy at Fipra, joining the group after ten years as Principal Policy adviser at the UK Consumers’ Association where he was responsible for dealing with competition policy investigations and submissions and for developing its trade policy. Phil is an economist by training, and has taught at the LSE, University of London and the University of North Carolina. Phil has also provided technical assistance to a number of national and international organisations, including UNICEF, Unctad and the WTO. Phil has authored six books and numerous studies on everything from trade policy to shopping.


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David Miguel Ortega Pecina, Laurence Idot, Phillip Evans, William E. Kovacic Consumers associations in competition proceedings: Why so little engagement? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference - Paris, 11 February 2011)


This third roundtable of the conference "New frontiers of Antitrust", Paris, 11 February 2011, was dedicated to the role of consumers associations in competition proceedings. According to William E. Kovacic, Commissioner at the US Federal Trade Commission, competition and consumer protection (...)



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