Petya Aladzhova

ArbJournal (Richmond)
European Editor

Petya Aladzhova is ArbJournal European Editor, joining the publication in the summer of 2011. Ms. Aladzhova has several years of experience as a qualified attorney with law firms in Bulgaria and has recently received an LL.M. in Competition Law from University College London. Her legal experience includes participation in due diligence exercises in the course of M&A transactions and the preparation of a regulatory notification for the acquisition of a Bulgarian telecommunications company. Ms. Aladzhova was associated with the Austrian law firm of Wolf Theiss, the largest firm for Central and Eastern Europe. At the firm, Ms. Aladzhova worked with clients such as ExxonMobil, Visa Europe, Broadcom, Chanel, Novartis, Genzyme and LG on competition law and other regulatory matters. While pursuing her LL.M., Ms. Aladzhova also participated in an e-Competitions project for the editing of a competition bulletin on national and European competition issues. She has also worked as a trainee at the European Court of Justice at the European Union. Ms. Aladzhova has a Master Degree in Law from Sofia University.


2245 Bulletin

Petya Aladzhova The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit dismisses antitrust claims against a reverse payment agreement between pharmaceutical companies (In Re Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Antitrust Litigation)


On 15 October 2008 the Federal Circuit affirmed the grant of summary judgment by the Court for the Eastern District of New York that patent settlement agreements («Agreements») entered into between Bayer AG and Bayer Corp (collectively «Bayer») and several manufacturers of generic drugs providing (...)

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