Paul Goodwin

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Legal and Policy Analyst

Mr. Paul Goodwin is an international lawyer with expertise in human rights, environmental and international development and administrative law. He has experience in UN/Development agency capacity building, sustainable and socially responsible development, social and environmental compliance reviews, multi-stakeholder policy implementation and project/program construction within complex governmental organizations. Since 2013, he has been Legal and Policy Analyst in the Social and Environmental Compliance Unit of The United Nations Development Programme. Since 2015 he is also Director of Development for the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Mr. Goodwin is a UC Berkeley School of Law graduate with US Senate, US Department of Justice and United Nations work experience. Paul is a native English speaker, fluent in French and highly proficient in Spanish and Portuguese.

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Paul Goodwin The US District Court stops a merger between two digital do-it-yourself tax preparation software providers as the proposed acquisition would have likely led to a lessening of competition in the relevant market (H&R Block / TaxAct)


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