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Parfait Houédanou is a financial sector specialist with strong policy skills. He is currently Expert at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfort where he deals with banking supervision and financial crisis prevention and operations. Prior to this assignment, Parfait Houédanou was responsible for financial crisis management policy at Banque de France. He has also been a researcher, assisting Professor Bertrand du Marais and a member of the Coordination Team of the International Research Program “Economic Attractiveness of Law” (Attractivité économique du droit), that studies the interactions between Law and Economics and does economic impact assessment of Law on a comparative basis. Parfait Houédanou published on various issues, in the field of Regulation and Competition Law, Law & Economics, in particular on dispute on banking activities regulation. Parfait Houédanou was a student of the joint Master in Economics of École Polytechnique, EHESS, ENSAE and UPX and graduated from the Paris X University. He speaks fluently French and English and has a beginner level in German.

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28534 Review

Bertrand du Marais, Parfait Houédanou Regulators’ disciplinary power: The Council of State holds corporation, in the case of financial market regulation, liable for fault when its employee causes wrongdoing if the corporation is not able to demonstrate the efficiency of its internal control and countermeasure procedures (Tradition Securities et Futures)


CE, Section, 6 June 2008, CM CIC Securities, No. 300619 CE, Sect., 6 June 2008, Société Tradition Securities et Futures, No. 299203 In terms of financial market regulation, investment service providers (ISPs) are subject to very strict professional obligations because of their responsibilities (...)

Bertrand du Marais, Parfait Houédanou Consumers interest to act against regulators’ decisions: The Council of State acknowledges a general interest to act against regulators’ decision not to intervene (Tinez)


CE, Sect. 30 November 2007, Tinez et al. 293952 Market authorities generally have the power to take up ex officio cases that fall within their jurisdiction. However, in the exercise of their duties, it is not uncommon for third parties to ask them through a complaint - or a denunciation - to (...)

Bertrand du Marais, Parfait Houédanou Public procurement: The Council of State rules that it may impose a compensation to enterprises whose agreement have misled the adjudicatory power (Campenon Bernard)


CE, 19 December 2007, Société Campenon Bernard e.a., no. 268918 While competition law aims to protect the free functioning of the market, the logic of public procurement traditionally aims to pursue the general interest through "equality before public procurement, the protection of public (...)

Bertrand du Marais, Parfait Houédanou Public procurement: The Council of State allows third parties to a public procurement contract to challenge the contract itself event after it has been signed, going beyond the 1989 “Recourse” EU Directive (Tropic Travaux)


CE, Ass. 16 July 2007, Tropic Travaux Signalisation, No. 291545 The appeal in cassation lodged by the company Tropic travaux signalisation Guadeloupe, which was excluded from the invitation to tender for a contract concerning the marking of aircraft areas and road pavements at Pointe-à-Pitre (...)

Bertrand du Marais, Parfait Houédanou Art. 6.1 ECHR: The French Council of State is reluctant to extend the application of Art 6.1 ECHR to sanctions decided by all independent agencies (Corsair)


CE, Sect. 31 January 2007, Compagnie Corse Air International (Corsair), n° 290567 Rather than relying on Article 6, §1 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Council of State relies on the provisions of Article L. 227-4 of the Civil Aviation Code to decide that the person on whom an (...)

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