Paloma Martínez-Lage Sobredo

Martinez Lage, Allendesalazar & Brokelmann (Madrid)
Lawyer (Senior Associate)

Paloma Martínez-Lage is a Senior Associate at Martínez Lage, Allendesalazar & Brokelmann in Madrid, where she specialises in EU and Spanish competition law. She graduated in Law from the University San Pablo-CEU in Madrid (1997), where she obtained a certificate of specialisation in Business Administration (1998). She holds an LL.M degree in European Community Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (1999, Grand Distinction). Her practice covers abuses of dominant position, anti-competitive agreements, merger control issues and state aid rules, with a particular focus on sectors such as telecommunications, energy, retail distribution and air transport. Paloma has previously worked as an in-house lawyer in the Corporate Legal and Regulatory Affairs Department of a mobile operator in Spain.

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Martinez Lage, Allendesalazar & Brokelmann (Madrid)


11574 Bulletin

Paloma Martínez-Lage The Spanish Parliament adopts a new competition act


A new competition Act has entered into force in Spain since September, 1st 2007. The new Act entails a significant reform of the Spanish competition regime and will bring in further harmonisation of Spanish competition law with the EU rules. The new Act replaces the individual authorisation (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage The Spanish National Court significantly reduces the fine imposed on a local association of driving schools for issuing a collective recommendation on prices (Autoescuelas Alcalá)


The decision of the competition authority On 9 March 2000, the Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia (TDC) -the second-tier competition authority that existed in Spain under Act 16/1989 and that has been replaced since September 1st 2007 by a single body, the National Competition Commission- (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage The Spanish Supreme Court confirms an abuse of dominant position by the telecom incumbent consisting on a refusal to supply lines to 3C Communications (Teléfonos en Aeropuertos - Telefónica de España)


Introduction On 6 March 2003, the Spanish Supreme Court (the Tribunal Supremo, TS) confirmed a judgement of the Spanish National Court (the Audiencia Nacional, AN) which upheld a decision of 1 February 1995 by the Spanish competition authority (the Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia, TDC (...)

5805 Review

Paloma Martínez-Lage, Rafael Allendesalazar Spain: The Spanish Supreme Court confirms the appropriateness of a “crossed” test, complementary to the “as efficient competitor” test, to determine the foreclosure effects of an alleged margin squeeze in cases of collective dominance (BT / CNMC, Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange)


By Judgment of 9 October 2018, issued in appeal n° 4509/2017, the Supreme Court has confirmed the Judgment of 27 May 2017 of the Audiencia Nacional (appeal nº 263/16) which decided on the appeal by British Telecommunications, PLC and BT España Compañía De Servicios Globales De Telecomunicaciones, (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage, Rafael Allendesalazar Spain: The Spanish Supreme Court annuls an unannounced inspection carried out by the Spanish Competition Authority, as the agents refused to reveal whether they held a judicial authorization, thus breaching the principles of loyalty, good faith and transparency required from the Administration and the undertakings during dawn raids, and introducing a flaw which annuls the consent obtained from the undertaking concerned (Repsol)


In a Judgement of 17 September 2018 (appeal n° 2922/2016), the Spanish Supreme Court has overturned the Judgement of 21 July 2016 of the Audiencia Nacional (appeal n° 482/2013) which had dismissed the appeal lodged by Repsol, S.A. against the decision of the former Spanish competition authority (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage, Rafael Allendesalazar Spain: The Commercial Court of Barcelona grants damages to three entities in several follow-on claims based on a 2013 cartel decision from the Spanish Competition Authority (Misiones Salesianas / ADVEO ; CIFDSA / ADVEO ; Mutua Madrileña Automovilista / ADVEO)


In March 2013 the Spanish Competition Authority (the “CNMC”) fined several paper envelope manufacturers for a single continuous infringement of Articles 101 TFEU and 1 of the Spanish Competition Act from 1977 to 2010 consisting of (i) price fixing and market sharing agreements regarding envelopes (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage, Rafael Allendesalazar Spain: The Spanish Supreme Court confirms the annulment of a decision amending a Statement of Objections and establishes that broadening the time scope of the alleged infringement is not a correction of a material error but a modification of the facts of the accusation, which is not permitted by law (Nestlé España)


By Judgement of 24 July 2018, issued in appeal n° 2665/2016, the Supreme Court has confirmed the Judgement of 11 July 2016 of the Audiencia Nacional (appeal n° 343/14) deciding on the appeal by Nestlé España S.A. against the decision of the Council of the Spanish Competition Authority (the “CNMC”) (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage, Rafael Allendesalazar Spain: The Spanish Competition Authority fines five media agencies for an information exchange with the aim of sharing the market of public tenders for advertising (Media agencies)


Par décision du 7 mai 2018 adoptée dans l’affaire S/0584/16, Agences Médias, l’autorité espagnole de la concurrence (ci-après “CNMC”) a infligé aux agences Carat España SAU, Inteligencia y Media, Media Sapiens Spain SL et Persuade Comunicación SA des amendes dont le montant total avoisine 7 millions (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage, Rafael Allendesalazar Spain: The Spanish Supreme Court reimposes a fine imposed by the Competition Authority on an association in the tangerine sector (Club de variedades vegetales protegidas)


Par décision du 4 juillet 2013, l’Autorité espagnole de la concurrence (ci-après “CNMC”) imposa à l’association Club de variedades vegetales protegidas (ci-après “CVVP”) une sanction de 4 974 027 euros pour une infraction à l’article 1 de la Loi de Défense de la Concurrence (ci-après “LDC”) ainsi qu’à (...)

Paloma Martínez-Lage Spain’s New Competition Act


Une nouvelle Loi de la concurrence entrera en vigueur en Espagne le 1er septembre 2007. Cette nouvelle Loi comporte une importante réforme du régime espagnol de la concurrence, en le rapprochant davantage au Droit communautaire. Le système d’autorisation individuelle des accords est remplacé par un (...)

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