Pajtim Melani

Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (Tirana)
Head Of Department, Economic Regulation and Statistics

Pajtim Melani was director of the Market Surveillance and Investigation Department at the Albanian Competition Authority (ACA) from January 2006 to December 2017. He was also chairman of Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA) since March 2015(non-executive). His department at ACA was mainly in charge of detecting and fighting cartels, abuses of dominant position and merger controls within the Albanian Competition Authority. Mr. Melani has comprehensive experiences in European integration (adviser of Minister of Integration 2005), banking and finance (as deputy director of Finance department and adviser of Bank of Albania Governor 2002-2005), trade, economic development and commerce (Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation 2000-2202), business and economic development (AEDA 1999-2000) and economic journalist (1998-2000). Mr. Melani obtained his economic education from the University of Tirana in 1998. He earned an MSc and an MBA degree, and for a period of 5 years was an assistant professor at the same faculty and actually He is concluding the Ph.D. theses “On competition vs stability in banking sector”. Pajtim is a frequent speaker in international competition conferences and workshops in Europe and the USA. He publishes articles and papers on competition and especially on banking competition, in magazines, scientific publications and newspapers.


782 Bulletin

Pajtim Melani The Albanian Competition Commission approves a New Leniency Program


The Commission of the Competition Authority during its meeting, date 17.11.2015 approved “The Leniency Program and Application Form for leniency”. This program is supported by Law no. 9121, Article 77, and date 28.07.2003 on “Competition Protection” (as amended). The program enables the Authority (...)

Pajtim Melani The Albanian Competition Authority asks to telecoms regulatory body and mobile operator for market adjustment without imposing fine and requiring commitments in a case of alleged abuse of dominance in the mobile telephony market (Vodafone Albania)


Market playing rules can be compared to those of a soccer match in the sense that every wrong interference from a player worries the opponent but the foul punishment depends on the referee (in the case of competition the Antitrust body). The referee can decide whether not to punish at all, give (...)

Pajtim Melani The Albanian Court of Appeals upholds the Competition Commissions’ decision finding infringement of art. 36 of competition law through obstruction for dawn raids inspections (Intersig)


On April 23, 2013 the Court of Appeals in Albania confirmed a decision of First Instant Court of November 23, 2012 that uphold the Albanian Competition Commission decision no 216, of March, 1-st 2012. On this decision, Albanian Competition Commission(hereinafter the “ACC”) had fined the (...)

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