Olivier Riesen

Riesen Law (Nyon)
Lawyer (Partner)

Olivier Riesen is the founder of Riesen Law (2015), based in Nyon, Switzerland. His main practice areas are competition law (antimonopoly and antitrust advice and analysis, leniency procedures, competition litigation, merger control procedures, coordination of merger filings, due diligence and compliance programs and training, dawn raid assistance and preparation/training, unfair competition); real estate law (commercial and residential leases, general contractor and construction agreements, permits for the acquisition of real estate by persons abroad (Lex Koller), purchase and sale of complex real estate, advice in relation to easements); commercial contract and company law (including merger and acquisitions); state management and personal Swiss tax matters. He was admitted to the bar in Geneva in 2001. He speaks French, German and English. Previously he was a lawyer in various law firms He has been a senior officer at the Secretariat of the Swiss Competition Commission in Bern from 1 May 2002 until 31 December 2006. During that period Olivier spent five months with the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission. Olivier regularly appears as a speaker in various competition law forums and is the author of several articles about competition law.


7937 Bulletin

Benoît Merkt, Olivier Riesen The Swiss Parliament adopts an in-depth revision of the Competition Act aiming to update and further adapt national competition legislation to EU competition law (Revised Federal Act on cartels and other restraints of competition)


I. Introduction The aim of this paper is to provide background information about Swiss competition law to which readers will be able to refer in the context of the e-Competitions project. As a reminder, Switzerland is neither a member of the European Union (EU) nor a member of the European (...)

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