Okeoghene Odudu

University of Cambridge

Dr. Okeoghene Odudu is a lecturer in law at the University of Cambridge (2006 - Present). Dr Odudu’s research interests lie in the area of competition law. He has been particularly keen to consider the purpose, meaning, and operation of what is now Article 101 TFEU, which is the subject of his monograph, The Boundaries of EC Competition Law: The Scope of Article 81 (OUP 2006). His current research focuses on the relationship between the market and the State. At present he is working on ideas of "competitive neutrality", examining the ability to apply competition law to State owned and State funded service providers, focusing on the National Health Service in England. He is also interested in the enforceability of competition law and the relationship between the substantive rules and procedures for enforcement.


758 Bulletin

Okeoghene Odudu The UK OFT finds that almost three-quarters of state schools continue to restrict the availability of uniforms fact that results in price differences to the detriment of parents (School uniforms)


Back to school for the OFT?* On 25 October 2012 the Office of Fair Trading announced that it had written to the head teachers of almost 30,000 State schools to draw attention to the high price of school uniforms. The high price is caused in part by 74% of schools requiring parents to purchase (...)

Okeoghene Odudu The England and Wales High Court holds that even if the need for police services arises from a private event, policing does not constitute a special service when it is performed on land that is not owned, leased or controlled by the event organiser (Leeds United Football Club / The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police)


Regulating charges for special police services* Police services are generally performed for the benefit of the public at large and provided for out of public funds. However, the police also have the power (under s.25 of the Police Act 1996) to provide “special police services” for which they can (...)

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