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Mr. Norman Neyrinck is an associate lawyer at Lexing (Liège office). His main practice areas are european law, competition law and intellectual property law. He holds a Master’s degree in law from the University of Brussels (2007) and an LL.M. in European competition and intellectual property law from the University of Liège (2009). He joined the IEJE as research fellow in competition law on October 2009.


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Juan Navas Glembotzky, Norman Neyrinck The European Court of Justice rules that national law may not a priori exclude claims against cartel participants for the compensation of the loss caused by the “umbrella effect” of the cartel (Kone)


I. The Parties The Austrian elevator cartel: In October 2008, the Austrian Supreme Court (“Oberster Gerichtshof”) approved the Austrian Cartel Court’s imposition of fines on five companies in the Austrian elevator industry (Schindler was fined € 25 million, Kone € 22.5 million, Otis € 18.2 (...)

Norman Neyrinck, Nuna Van Belle The Belgian Competition Council dismisses the College of Prosecutors’ claim that BSE laboratories had shared markets and sensitive information on price on the basis of the ’Act of State Defence’ doctrine (BSE tests)


I. The Parties The BSE laboratories test cattle for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly known as the mad cow disease. The cattle slaughterhouses provide BSE laboratories with samples of their cattle to enable the laboratories to run tests. The Federation of Belgian Meat (FEBEV) is (...)

Milia Chamas, Norman Neyrinck The EU Court of Justice decides that a firm that has infringed Article 101 TFEU is unable to escape the imposition of a fine merely because the illegality of its conduct was erroneously assessed by its legal counsel (Schenker)


I. The Parties The Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde, the Federal Competition Authority in Austria. The Bundeskartellanwalt, the Federal Cartel Lawyer in Austria. Thirty-one undertakings, including inter alia Schenker & Co. AG (“Schenker”), members of the Spediteur-Sammelladungs-Konferenz (the (...)

Norman Neyrinck The President of the Belgian Competition Authority dismisses a request for interim measures regarding the termination of a contract for services in the penitentiary labour sector (Comptoir de Russie / Régie du Travail Pénitentiaire)


I. The Parties Comptoir de Russie sprl (hereinafter “National2International” or “N2I”) is a limited liability company offering service contracts to final clients for the execution of low-qualified manual services. Régie du Travail Pénitentiaire (hereinafter “RTP”) is a public entity (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Norman Neyrinck The Belgian Competition Council annuls, for lack of motivation, the decision to close a case against deontological rules for lawyers (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone)


I. The Parties Mr [...] and the SPRLU [...] are two Belgian lawyers whose identity is kept undisclosed. L’Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone (“OBFG”) is the professional association of French-speaking and German-speaking bars lawyers. The OBFG defines most of the deontological (...)

Angeliki Valsamidou, Norman Neyrinck The EU General Court annuls a Commission decision concerning the exclusive rights granted by Greece in favour of a company for the extraction of lignite for the absence of proof of abusive conduct (DEI)


I. The Parties Dimosia Epicheirisi Ilektrismou AE (DEI) is the biggest power producer and electricity supplier in Greece. It holds assets in lignite mines, power generation, transmission and distribution. The Hellenic Republic holds 51.12% of its shares. Energeiaki Thessalonikis AE and (...)

Hannelore Wiame, Norman Neyrinck The President of the Belgian Competition Authority declares a request for preliminary measures against abusive storage conditions to be admissible and founded (Armajaro / Port Real)


I. The Parties Armajaro Trading Limited (hereinafter “Armajaro”) is active in agricultural products trading (such as coffee, cacao and sugar). Amajaro’s activities include the trading of Liffe Certified Robusta Coffee on the NYSE Liffe Exchange in London (hereinafter “NYSE Liffe Exchange”). (...)

Norman Neyrinck, Stéphanie De Smedt The Belgian College of Competition Prosecutors dismisses a complaint from a purchasing group of wholesalers in beverages against a large beer brewer for abusive discrimination between on-trade and off-trade market segments (Freedom/Inbev)


I. The parties The complaint was lodged by Freedom Belgium CBVA(hereinafter “Freedom”), a purchasing group of wholesalers in beverages on the Belgian market (on-trade). The defendant in this case is Inbev Belgium nv (hereinafter “Inbev”), a company mainly active in the production and sale (...)

Norman Neyrinck, Quentin Metz The Belgian Competition Authority returns a case to the College of Prosecutors for having failed to consider the repeated nature of an abuse of dominance in the pharmaceutical sector (Omega Pharma)


I. The parties The plaintiff is an independent Belgian dispensing chemist. The defendant is Omega Pharma NV (here after “Omega Pharma”) an important supplier of raw material and packaging products also active in the field of “Over-The-Counter” products (OTC-products). The decision (...)

Laura Hermida, Norman Neyrinck The Belgian Competition Authority dismisses a claim from the Prosecutor concerning a coordinated price increase due to the non-respect of the rights of the defence (Ferrero)


1. The Parties The present procedure was launched at the initiative of the Competition Prosecutor who opened an office instruction after having detected serious indications of concerted practices in the food industry. The following companies are targeted: Ferrero SA (hereinafter: Ferrero), (...)

Diego Smessaert, Norman Neyrinck The Belgian Competition Authority issues an infringement decision for the imposition of minimum prices by the Belgian professional association of real estate agents and orders the publication of its decision (Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents)


I. The parties The Beroepsinstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars (hereinafter: “BIV”) is the Belgian professional association for real estate agents. BIV is responsible to regulate multiple aspects of the profession (such as fees) and to maintain standards and discipline in the profession. BIV (...)

Norman Neyrinck, Quentin Metz The Belgium Competition Authority dismisses a complaint against the incumbent telecoms operator regarding the access to its broadband network (Mobistar / Belgacom)


I. The parties Belgacom S.A. is the incumbent operator on the Belgian telecom market. It controls the landline, physical telecommunication network infrastructures and provides internet and telephony services. Mobistar S.A. is a member of the Orange Group, subsidiary of France Telecom. It (...)

Norman Neyrinck, Pierre Sabbadini The Belgian Competition Authority’s College of Prosecutors dismisses multiple complaints against the incumbent telecom operator for abuse of a dominant position in the market for international transit services for call termination in Belgium (Base / Belgacom)


I. The Parties Belgacom S.A. is the incumbent operator on the Belgian telecom market. It provides mobile telecom services through its 100% subsidiary Belgacom Mobile Belgium (“BMB” - Proximus). Base S.A. is a 100% subsidiary of KPN, a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunication company. (...)

Mathieu Coquelet Ruiz, Norman Neyrinck The Belgian Competition Authority dismisses a claim from the Union of Belgian French-speaking Booksellers against their main distributors for alleged illicit agreement and abuse of dominant position (Interforum)


I. The parties The complaint was launched by the “Belgian Union of French-speaking Booksellers” (hereinafter UBFB), whose task is "to ensure the preservation and advancement of the interests of booksellers; safeguard, foster and promote by all means the dissemination of books; ensure the (...)

Anne-Sophie Côme, Norman Neyrinck The Belgian Competition Authority dismisses a complaint from the Union of Belgian French-speaking Booksellers alleging an abuse of dominance and the existence of a cartel between two book distributors (Dilibel)


1. The parties The “Union of Belgian French-speaking Booksellers” (hereinafter “UBFB”) is a non-profit organization which represents and defends the interests of the Belgian French-speaking booksellers. It represents 60% of French-speaking booksellers of Belgium. Dilibel Plc. is a (...)

Norman Neyrinck, Willem De Vos The Belgian Competition Council refers the case back to the Competition Council’s Prosecutor for further investigation to assess implementation of remedies imposed following a merger in the cinema and theatre market in Belgium (Kinepolis)


1. The parties UGC Belgium Plc. (“UGC”) is a cinema operator that owns three sites in Belgium. Kinepolis Group Plc. (“Kinepolis”) is the leading Belgian cinema operator with eleven cinema complexes all over the country. In 2008 it held a market share of 43.83 %. Kinepolis was created in (...)

Laurie Caucheteux, Norman Neyrinck The Court of Appeal of Brussels upholds the NCA’s ruling holding that the opening days/hours and advertising provisions for pharmacy outlets, as set by the Belgian Pharmacists Association, were contrary to competition law (Ordre des pharmaciens)


1. The Parties The parties to the matter were: L’Ordre des pharmaciens (the Belgian Pharmacists Association, “BPA”), a public body established in Brussels; Mrs. E. Servais, pharmacist in Grez-Doiceau; Les Pharmacies Mont-Saint-Pont, a private corporation established in Braine l’Alleud; Mr. (...)

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