DG Economic and Financial Affairs-ECFIN (Brussels)

Norbert Gaál

DG Economic and Financial Affairs-ECFIN (Brussels)
Economic Analyst

Norbert Gaál is an economic analyst at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN). Since november 2013 he is in charge of policy coordination and surveillance of the economies of the United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden; country desk for Sweden; monitoring, analysis and forecast of economic and budgetary developments. He previously was a case handler at the Directorate-Generak for Competition (DG COMP), in the State aid unit dealing with the information, communication and media sectors. He joined the Commission in 2006, and he iwas primarily dealing with public funding to broadband networks, but also with state aid cases in the audiovisual, broadcasting, sport and telecommunication industries. HE co-drafted the State aid Broadband Guidelines (2009) and is the author of several articles. Norbert Gaál holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Tilburg and a Master’s degree in Business administration from the Corvinus University of Budapest. Before joining the Commission, he was working on the strategic department of a major telecommunication company and then as a business analyst for a telecommunication consultancy firm.

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1546 Bulletin

Alexander Riedl, Lambros Papadias, Norbert Gaál The European Commission addresses the issue of the market economy investor principle in a State aid case concerning the electronic communications sector (Citynet Amsterdam)


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