European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)

Nils Wahl

European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)

Mr. Nils Wahl was born in 1961. He is advocate general at the European Court of Justice since November 2012. He holds an LL.M. (1987) and a Ph.D. (1995) from the University of Stockholm (1987). He is an Associate Professor (docent) and holder of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Law (1995). He was Professor of European Law at University of Stockholm (2001), assistant lawyer in private practice (1987-89), Managing Director for an educational foundation (1993-2004). He also held the position of Chairman of the Nätverket för europarättslig forskning (Swedish Network for European Legal Research) (2001-06). He was member of the Rådet för konkurrensfrågor (Council for Competition Law Matters) (2001-06). He was assigned judge at the Hovrätten över Skåne och Blekinge (Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge) (2005). Before being advocate general Mr. Nils Wahl was Judge at the General Court (from 7 October 2006 to 28 November 2012).

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