Nikos Smyrnaios

University Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III
Senior Lecturer

Nikos Smyrnaios is a Lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Toulouse 3 where he teaches communication theory and socioeconomics of the media and the internet. His research focuses on the digital strategies of traditional media and web players (infomediaries, search engines, ISPs, social networks) ; the changes in contemporary journalistic practices ; the stakes of intellectual property and new cultural practices in the digital era. He is a member of the Laboratory of studies and applied research in social sciences (LERASS), of the Observatory of the cultural industries (OMIC) as well as of the Network of research on journalism (REJ), and he regularly contributes to Ina Global.


1429 Review

Franck Rebillard, Nikos Smyrnaios Between cooperation and competition: The relationship between infomediaries and online news editors (Media-culture & digital: New competition issues (s) - Paris, 8th February 2011)


The online news sector involves, in addition to digital media, infomediaries originating from the computer and the Internet industries. These infomediaries support the selection, organization, prioritization and distribution of news content and facilitate the encounter between offer and demand (...)

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