Nicole Coutrelis

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Nicole Coutrelis joined DWF in June 2021. She specialises in European Union law, mainly practicing food law, competition law and European law on the free movement of goods. Nicole is a lawyer at the Paris Bar since 1985. Before sparting her own practice, she worked in the legal service of the European Commission where she was in charge of Competition Law cases and Sate Aid cases related to France and to competition applied to Agriculture. Nicole Coutrelis has then been a partner of Coutrelis & Associés, a French law firm with offices in Paris and in Brussels, specializing in EU Law, mainly in Antitrust, Agriculture, Food and Drug regulations, Alcoholic Beverages, Free Movement of Goods and all matters related to the Single European Market. She has also a strong practice in Competition Law and in EU State Aid law. Former President and now Vice-President of the European Food Law Association, she is a Member of the Institute of Food technologists and correspondent for France to the European Food and Feed Law Review (EFFL). She is the author of many articles and Conferences related to European Law, particularly in Food Law, as well as to EU procedures.

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