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Neda Angelova

The European Research Executive Agency (Brussels)
Legal and Project Officer

Neda Angelova joined the European Research Executive Agency in July 2021 as legal and project officer. Neda Angelova previousely worked for the European Commission, as intern in the DG CNECT and then as Policy Officer (EU Policies) from 2016 to 2022. Neda Angelova holds an LL.B. in Law with Business Studies from University of Birmingham (2010) and an LL.M. in International Business Law with a focus on competition law from University College London (2012). Her LL.M. thesis, which was awarded a distinction, is in the field of EU competition law. Simultaneously with her studies of English law in the UK, Neda pursued studies towards a 5-year Master’s degree in Bulgarian law. She holds a Master’s degree in Bulgarian law from New Bulgarian University (2014). In 2011, Neda joined the team of Braykov’s Legal Office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Neda has professional interests and experience in the fields of commercial law and EU law and specialises in antitrust, unfair competition law, consumer protection and IP.

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151 Bulletin

Neda Angelova The Bulgarian Competition Authority states its opinion on a draft amending law that proposes the introduction of rules on abuse of significant market power to the Bulgarian Protection of Competition Act


On 20 January 2015 with Decision No. 53/20.01.2015 the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (“CPC”) adopted its position on а draft amending law (No. 454-01-36 of 06.11.2014) that proposes changes of the Bulgarian Protection of Competition Act (“PCA”). As stated in the official (...)


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