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Daniel Muheme is an associate in the Antitrust and EU Competition team in Brussels and advises clients on all aspects of EU and Belgian competition law in a wide variety of sectors. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Muheme worked as an associate lawyer and also gained experience as a research and teaching assistant in European and Belgian competition law at the University of Liège (Liege Competition and Innovation Institute – LCII). Mr. Muheme recently obtained an LL.M. in Global Antitrust & Economics from George Mason University in Washington DC and did an internship at the Office of International Affairs of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

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Johan Ysewyn, Kevin Coates, Daniel Muheme The EU Court of Justice rules that the duration of an infringement in the case of bid-rigging ends once the essential characteristics of the public tender are determined (Eltel)


Introduction In its preliminary ruling of 14 January 2021, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) clarified that the duration of an infringement in the case of bid rigging ends once the essential characteristics of the public tender are determined – which in practice likely (...)

Daniel Muheme, Maria Tsoukala The EU Court of Justice rules on issues concerning retroactive rebates and the procedures through which these rebates can be characterized as abusive (Post Danmark II)


I. The Parties Post Danmark S/A is a Danish undertaking that provides postal services in Denmark. The undertaking provides postal services and applies uniform tariffs throughout Danish national territory. At the time of the main proceedings, in 2007 and 2008, Post Danmark was controlled by (...)

Daniel Muheme, Jakob Dewispelaere The EU Court of Justice confirms that the Commission can take into account sales of products incorporating cartelised components when calculating the fine for vertically-integrated companies that sell the transformed products in the EEA (InnoLux)


I. Parties InnoLux Corp. (“InnoLux”), the applicant, is the surviving legal entity pursuant to a merger agreement between Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp. (“CMO”), InnoLux Display Corp. and TPO Displays Corp in 2010. InnoLux is active in the worldwide market for liquid crystal display panels (...)

Daniel Muheme, Giselle Stoecklin The EU Commission approves commitments made by several airlines regarding the creation of a profit-loss sharing joint venture (Air France / Alitalia / KLM / Delta)


I. The Parties The four involved parties are four of the main actors on the global airline market: (i) Société Air France (hereafter “Air France”); (ii) Alitalia Società Aerea Italia SpA (hereafter “Alitalia); (iii) Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (hereafter “KLM”) and; (iv) (...)

Daniel Muheme, Laurent Housen The Belgian Competition Authority dismisses instruction regarding potential concerted practices in the energy sector regarding passing on practices of green certificates fine amounts (Green Certificates)


I. The Parties Lampiris SA is a Belgian company which main activity consists in the supply of electricity and natural gas. EDF Luminus SA is a company which activity consist in the production of electricity, its gross commerce, and the supplyi of electricity and natural gas. The company is (...)

Daniel Muheme, Greta Juknaite The EU Court of Justice annuls a General Court judgment which held that certain pricing measures adopted restricted competition ‘by object’ (Groupement des Cartes Bancaires)


The Court of Justice of the European Union (“Court of Justice”) sets aside the judgment of the General Court of the European Union (General Court) by which it confirmed the European Commission’s (“Commission”) decision finding an anticompetitive practice in the Groupement des cartes bancaires (...)

Daniel Muheme, Juan Navas Glembotzky The EU Court of Justice rules that Article 101 TFUE, read in conjunction with Article 4(3) TEU, precludes national legislation from empowering a body composed mainly by private operators to fix minimum charge for haulage services (API v. Ministero delle Infrastutture dei Trasporti)


I. The Parties Anonima Petroli Italiana SpA: An Italian undertaking active in the refining, processing and distributing services for crude oil and petroleum products in Europe. Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti and Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico: The Italian Ministry for (...)

Daniel Muheme, Michael Kinyentama The Belgian Competition Authority fines the incumbent operator for abuse of a dominant position for excessive pricing on the Belgian electricity market (Electrabel)


I. The Parties Electrabel S.A. (‘Electrabel’) is the incumbent operator on the Belgian electricity market. Electrabel is the main producer of electricity. It is also active on the delivery market to end-consumers in Belgium. Elia is Belgium’s transmission system operator. It enjoys a legal (...)

Cristina Neagu, Daniel Muheme The EU Court of Justice annuls the Commission’s decision regarding the liability of a parent for the infringement of competition law by its subsidiary and by a partially owned joint venture (RWE)


I. The Parties RWE AG is part of the RWE group with its main activities in the energy supply sector (gas exploration, electricity production, trading, and retail and grid activities). Regarding the activities in the paraffin waxes, RWE group is not currently active on this market due to the (...)

Daniel Muheme The Belgian Competition Authority dismisses a claim from the College of Prosecutors concerning geographical allocation agreements between laboratories active in BSE testing, slaughterhouses and their professional organization (BSE laboratories)


I. The Facts In the 1990s Great Britain was affected by the outbreak of BSE (“bovine spongiform encephalopatie"), causing the European Union to take immediate action. Member States were obliged to comply with the imposed obligations by the European Union and to carry out tests urgently. The (...)

Alexandre Defossez, Daniel Muheme The Belgian Competition Authority’s College of Prosecutors dismisses complaints against telecom operator for abusing its dominant position in the market for fixed telephony, due to margin squeeze on its "Happy Time offer" (Tele2 / Belgacom)


I. The Parties Belgacom S.A. is the incumbent operator on the Belgian telecom market and former historical operator. In 2005, Tele2 was a 100% subsidiary of a Swedish company. In the meantime, this company was sold to KPN, a Dutch company, in 2007. II. The Facts Access to the (...)



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