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Kromann Reumert (Copenhagen)
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Morten Kofmann was born in 1962 and is a partner within the Competition Law Group of Kromann Reumert, the leading law firm in Denmark. He was the resident partner in Brussels in 1996-2001. Morten Kofmann provides specialist advice on EU and Danish competition law. Current and recent assignments include notifications under the EC Merger Regulation, investigations under Articles 81 and 82 (EC), private enforcement actions, applications to the European Courts and general counselling. Morten Kofmann is a graduate from the University of Copenhagen (1986) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LL.M., 1990). His time as a practitioner has been varied, with a period spent with the European Commission (Directorate General for Competition, 1990-91) and by part-time lecturing on EC Law at the Copenhagen Business School (1991-93) as well as on Competition Law at the University of Copenhagen (1992-96) and the University of Aix-Marseille (2003).

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5748 Bulletin

Morten Kofmann The Danish Competition Council approves the creation of a joint venture for the distribution of unaddressed mail, including newspapers, subject to nine behavioural commitments, including distribution obligation (Post Danmark / 365 Media Scandinavia)


The operation The joint venture was between the Danish national postal service provider Post Danmark and 365 Media Scandinavia, an Icelandic newspaper company. Post Danmark, as the national postal service provider in Denmark, was 75 percent owned by the Danish state. Post Danmark was active (...)

Morten Kofmann The Danish Competition Council approved a merger in the energy sector subject to remedies including the disposal of CHP plants, the sale by auction of virtual power generating capacity, improvements to the transmission network and improvements in the retail market (Elsam / NESA)


The operation Elsam A/S was a large energy group that owned all the central combined heat and power plants ("CHP plants") in Western Denmark (the areas of Jutland and Funen). The group owned 21 decentral CHP plants and around 500 electricity generating windmills, and was also active in the (...)

Morten Kofmann The Danish Competition Authority approves a merger subject to remedies including a decrease in the duration of the merged entity’s agreements with distributing banks, the regulation of profit and some measures to increase transparency in the market (Nykredit / Totalkredit)


The operation Nykredit Holding A/S was primarily a mortgage lender. However, it also had a number of subsidiaries that provided services within a range of sectors: banking; the insurance business; and real estate broking. The annual turnover of Nykredit in 2002 was DKK 30.4 billion (para. (...)

Morten Kofmann The Danish Competition Council approves an acquisition in the agricultural supplies sector by a consortium comprising eight companies, subject to multiple remedies applying only to the largest member of the consortium (DLG / KFK)


The operation The proposed transaction comprised two stages, the first of which was the acquisition of Korn- og Foderstofkompagniet (KFK), an agricultural chemicals and feed company, by an eight member consortium of companies, all of which were already active in the agricultural supplies (...)

Morten Kofmann The Danish Competition Council approved the creation of a joint venture operating in the markets for access to news archives and press monitoring subject to reduction of the duration of the initial exclusive licenses and granting licenses to third parties on non-discriminatory terms after the expiry of the exclusive licenses (FAS)


The operation The parties to the agreement for the creation of the joint venture FAS were Danish newspapers: Dagbladet Politiken; Det Berlingske Officin; and Jyllands-Posten. The primary business area of A/S Politiken Holding ("Dagbladet Politiken") was the publication of two daily (...)

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