Mona Yassine

Board Member

Mona Yassine is one of the most renowned influencers and key players in the banking and financial services industry in Egypt. With an accomplished career of more than 40 years, Mona has made an effective contribution to the Egyptian banking and financial sector, being at the lead of major banks and institutions. Mona is the Founder and Vice Chairwoman of the Egyptian Association for the Protection of Competition; an NGO established in 2011 to raise awareness about the Law for the Protection of Competition and the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices. She has also contributed to the consultation mandated to Megacom; a local management consultancy mandated by the World Bank to assess the Social Fund for Development in the direct lending portfolio and practices. She has also been a board member and silent partner at Planet Investment Banking Company since 2013. Mona has commenced her fruitful career in banking and finance by joining Citibank N.A. Egypt first as a financial controller and treasurer, making her way through several positions and promotions to become Senior Credit Officer and Country Risk Manager. She then joined Banque du Caire as the Vice Chairwoman for Corporate Credit, Branch Network, and Bank’s Assets and Liability Products. In 2002, Mona became the Chairwoman of The Cairo Far East Bank; a joint venture between Banque du Caire and the Korean Trade Bank. In 2005, she became a non-executive board member at Banque du Caire, as well as the Chairwoman at inception of the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA); a government authority set up by law responsible for the enforcement of the Law for the Protection of Competition and the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices (Antitrust Agency). In 2008, Mona held the position of the Head of Risk and Audit Committee at Banque du Caire, and became a member of Governance and HR committees, in addition to her role as a non-executive board member. In 2013, Mona joined Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank in Iraq as the Country Chief Officer, before finally joining Egylease in 2018. Mona has had a number of effective participations in panel discussions at major international events in Asia, Europe, Africa, United States and The Middle East, and has a number of press publications through the Egyptian Competition Agency in collaboration with her team. Mona holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Economics from the American University in Cairo, and an Investment Appraisal and Management Diploma from Harvard University (USA) in 1995.

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