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Mihael Raveggi

RBB Economics (Brussels)
Economist (Senior Associate)

Mihael Raveggi has been advising clients on competition policy economics since completing his second Masters and joining RBB in 2002. He has also been giving a regular lecture on competition policy at the Sciences Po faculty. Since 2003 he is based in the RBB office in Brussels.Mihael has advised on a number of high profile mergers, including Sony/BMG, Mittal/Arcelor and GE/Instrumentarium. He has also worked on a few Article 101and 102 cases. His experience spans a range of sectors, among which banks, medical equipment, music, films, tobacco, steel, gas, oil tankers, electrical switches and horse racing. While most of the cases he has worked on fall under the jurisdiction of the European Commission, he has also worked on proceedings in the UK, Italy, France and Ireland. On one case he was called upon to give oral evidence in front of the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg.

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Mihael Raveggi - Global Antitrust Hot Topics, 8 September 2016
Mihael Raveggi 8 September 2016 Bruxelles


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