Miguel Sousa Ferro

New University of Lisboa - Faculty of Law
Lawyer (of Counsel)

Miguel Sousa Ferro is Counsel at Eduardo Paz Ferreira & Associados, in Lisbon. He is a Guest Professor at the Lisbon University Law School, where he obtained his law degree and PhD. He also holds an LL.M in European Law from the College of Europe, Bruges. Languages : English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian.


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Miguel Sousa Ferro The Lisbon Appeal Court confirms 2.7 million € fine for discriminatory pricing under Art. 102 national equivalent, and revolutionizes access to information for third parties (Sport TV)


On 11 March 2015, the Lisbon Appeal Court (LAC) rejected all arguments put forward by the appellant and confirmed the judgment of the Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court (CSRC) of 4 June 2014, which had, in turn, confirmed (with a reduction of the fine, from 3.7 to 2.7 million EUR) (...)

Miguel Sousa Ferro The Lisbon Appeal Court revises an arbitral award in a dispute between the National Pharmacy Association and IMS Health (Associação Nacional de Farmácias and Farminveste / IMS Health)


Replacing a previous contract, the National Pharmacy Association (ANF) executed a contract with IMS Health in 2008, by which it transmitted to the latter data on purchases in its associated pharmacies, in exchange for remuneration. This data was used to provide pharma market intelligence in a (...)

Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Supreme Court declares a non-compete clause in a franchise agreement invalid due to absence of transference of confidential information justifying protection of know-how (Montijo)


In a dispute concerning an infringement of a franchising agreement in the food services industry, including an alleged violation of a non-compete clause, the Portuguese Supreme Court reversed a ruling of the Lisbon Appeal Court, providing clarifications on its view on the validity of such (...)

Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Competition Authority sanctions a cartel of national manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam under Art. 101 TFEU and national equivalent (Comfort foam cartel)


On the 18th July 2013, the Portuguese Competition Authority (AdC) adopted a decision identifying a 10 year long cartel between three Portuguese manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam (Flex, Flexipol and Eurospuma). According to the AdC, these undertakings exchanged sensitive information, (...)

Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Appeal Court of Lisbon upholds dismissal of private enforcement action that opposed a distributor to a manufacturer in the gas bottle market and provides important general clarifications (Gas bottle distributor)


The Lisbon Appeal Court confirmed the dismissal of a distributor’s claims for compensation in a private enforcement case in the gas bottle distribution market involving a territorial protection clause. The distributor sued the manufacturer after the latter ended a 42 year-long commercial (...)

Miguel Gorjão-Henriques, Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Competition Authority fines the national association of parking companies for an unlawful decision to restrict competition (Associação Nacional de Empresas de Parques de Estacionamento)


On 19 January 2011, the Portuguese Competition Authority (PCA) announced, through press release 1/2011 and a Q&A report that it has imposed on the National Association of Parking Companies (ANEPE) a fine of € 1,971,397 for anticompetitive practices in the national market for the (...)

Miguel Gorjão-Henriques, Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Competition Authority releases a detailed report on commercial relations between large retailers and suppliers of food products (Food trade report)


Starting in December 2008, the European Commission published several documents relating to pricing and distribution practices on European food markets, in particular the Communication “A better functioning food supply chain in Europe” (COM(2009)591) and the retail market monitoring report (...)

Miguel Gorjão-Henriques, Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Competition Authority condemns a professional association for anticompetitive practices in the training market (Order of Certified Accountants)


The Portuguese Competition Authority (PCA) has found that the Order of Certified Accountants (OCA or OTOC, in Portuguese), formerly named Chamber of Certified Accountants (until Decree-Law 310/2009) has breached articles 101 and 102 TFEU, and their national equivalents (articles 4 and 6 of (...)

Miguel Sousa Ferro The Portuguese Supreme Court dismisses claims for damages in the football broadcasting rights case on the basis of EU competition provisions (Vitória Sport Club / Federação Portuguesa de Futebol / Radiotelevisão Portuguesa)


In a case that goes back to a football game held in 1997, and in a rare example of private enforcement of competition law in Portugal, the claims for damages by a Portuguese football club, supported by the Portuguese Football Federation, were finally dismissed in the last instance. Vitoria (...)

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This Liber Amicorum highlights the global reach of Professor Whish’s influence. Enforcers, academics and practitioners from around the world pay tribute to the mastery of competition law that (...)

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