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Clifford Chance (Paris)
Avocat Of Counsel

Michel Petite joined Clifford Chance at the beginning of 2008. Michel Petite specialises in European Commission policies, community law and competition law, working in close co-operation with practice groups such as antitrust, trade, banking, taxation and government relations and public policy; International commercial law and litigation at the world Trade Organisation court. Michel has worked as legal adviser to three Commission Presidents: Jacques Delors, Romano Prodi, (as head of cabinet), and Jose Manuel Barroso. Throughout his time at the Commission he was heavily involved in competition (setting up the "merger" Regulation; director of "State aids"), internal market matters and Taxation. He participated in all the institutional reforms (Treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice, Lisbon).

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Michel PETITE - Clifford Chance
Michel Petite 30 September 2014 Paris


6528 Review

Christophe Lemaire, Michel Petite, Michel Waelbroeck Conference - "Competition law and the Lisbon Treaty": What will be the impact of the new Treaty on competition law? A legal point of view


Since we have been talking about pedagogy several times since the beginning of the morning, this panel will give us the opportunity to put these recommendations into practice right away. Indeed, what we have been asked to do is to take a legal look at the impact of the new treaty on (...)



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