Michel Lamalle

French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) (Paris)
Deputy Director

Michel Lamalle has been deputy director at the DGAC since december 2014. Prior to that, he worked at DRIEA-IF from 2010 till 2014. He graduated in 1983 from Ecole nationale de l’Aviation civile.


1523 Bulletin

Antonio Carlos Teixeira, Lenita Lindström-Rossi, Michel Lamalle The EU Commission rules on excessive pricing in the port sector (Scandlines Sverige / Port of Helsingborg / Sundbusserne / Port of Helsingborg)


"Two important rejection decisions on excessive pricing in the port sector"* On 23 July 2004, the Commission took two decisions rejecting two complaints lodged in 1997 by ferry operators—Scandlines Sverige AB (hereinafter ‘Scandlines‘) and Sundbusserne AS (hereinafter ‘Sundbusserne‘) — against the (...)

Eduardo Martínez-Rivero, Michel Lamalle The European Commission raises competition concerns about cooperation agreement between French and Italian airlines companies (Air France, Alitalia)


"Aviation: Commission raises competition concerns about co-operation agreement between Air France and Alitalia"* In November 2001, Air France and Alitalia notified to the Commission a number of co-operation agreements and requested an exemption under Regulation 3975/87, the regulation which (...)