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Melanie Schwaderer

European University Institute (Florence)
PhD Student

Melanie Schwaderer obtained a degree in law from Humboldt University Berlin in 2005 after having completed studies in law and economics at University of Trier (1998-2000), University of California Los Angeles (1999), University of Antwerp (Erasmus scholarship 2000-2001) and Harvard University (2001). In 2006 she received a Master of Laws degree in European Law from London School of Economics. From 2006 on she worked as an academic assistant for Professor Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Saecker at the Institute for German and European Business, Competition and Regulation Law (Free University Berlin). Since September 2008 she is writing her Ph.D. thesis on the ?more economic approach’ to European competition law at the European University Institute, Florence.

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11047 Bulletin

Melanie Schwaderer The German Federal Court of Justice finds that there is no uniform product market for heat energy sources on the retail level and rather defines the market merely for the supply of end consumers with natural gas as the relevant product market (Erdgassondervertrag)


I. Background The decision is the (temporary?) end of a series of conflicting German court decisions that disagree on the issue whether there is one uniform market for heat energy sources or separate markets for each of the relevant sources (fuel oil, coal, district heating, natural gas, (...)

Melanie Schwaderer The US Supreme Court overrules the nearly 100-year-old per se prohibition of vertical minimum price restraints finding that they are to be judged by the rule of reason (Leegin Creative)


I. Background After the per se prohibition of non-price vertical restraints and of maximum resale price maintenance have long been abolished by overruling Supreme Court decisions [Continental T.V. v. GTE Sylvania Inc., 433 U.S. 36 (1977) and State Oil v. Kahn, 522 U.S. 3 (1997)], Leegin is the (...)

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