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Maurice Nussenbaum

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Economist & Professor of Finance (Paris IX Dauphine University)

Maurice Nussenbaum - HEC - PHD in Economics (Paris 1 University) - Professor of Finance at Paris IX Dauphine University, in charge of the master degree « Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering ». Financial expert for the Paris Court of Appeal and the French Supreme Court. Former chairman (Honorary president) of the National Board of Financial and Tax Experts for the Paris Court of Appeal and vice-chairman of the Board of Experts for the French Supreme Court. Maurice Nussenbaum is co-founder of SORGEM group which provides an array of services in financial valuation and marketing research. President of SORGEM EVALUATION a subsidiary of SORGEM dedicated to financial valuations of companies, intangible assets and financial damages.

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4500 Review

Alain Gauvin, Irène Luc, Jean-Louis Fourgoux, Maurice Nussenbaum, Muriel Chagny What attractiveness of competition law at the date of reforms? (Competition’s interviews: New competitive opportunities before ordinary courts, October 18, 2016)


The third edition of “Entretiens de la concurrence”, focusing on the new economic and legal opportunities before ordinary courts, aimed to emphasise on the specific nature and assets of those jurisdictions in competition law. Having to implement competition law rules in a globalized economy, (...)

Claire Karsenti, Maurice Nussenbaum Trademark issues and anticompetitive practices


Brand management has become an essential part of companies’ competitive strategy. Yet, brands are still secondary in most economic analysis and raise questions in competition law. The economic and legal analysis of anti-competitive practices does not seek to analyze brands specifically, but (...)


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