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Maurice De Valois Turk

Oxera (Amsterdam)

Maurice is head of Oxera’s Amsterdam office. He is a highly experienced competition economist and financial analyst, advising companies on how to deal with merger investigations and regulatory matters. He has advised notifying firms as well as third party interveners in the context of mergers (unilateral, coordinated, vertical or conglomerate effects). In addition, he has extensive experience with remedies, having acted as monitoring trustee on multiple mandates as well as project manager for the creation and implementation of various merger remedies. Maurice is a non-governmental adviser to the International Competition Network on behalf of the European Commission, and is active in the Mergers workgroup. As well as the European Commission, he has worked with competition authorities across Europe (in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland). He has also assisted telecoms and media firms on a range of matters covering regulation and market power. Prior to joining Oxera, Maurice worked for seven years as an in-house economist with Liberty Global and KPN, and for 14 years with various consultancy firms.

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1477 Bulletin

Michael Weekes, Felipe Florez Duncan, Maurice De Valois Turk The Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal quashes the Competition Authority’s finding of joint dominance in the retail broadband market (KPN / VodafoneZiggo / T-Mobile / Tele2)


On 17 March 2020, the Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBb) published its long-awaited verdict on the appeal against the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) 2018 finding of joint dominance in the Dutch retail broadband market. Why did the CBb rule in favour of the (...)

Maurice De Valois Turk The Netherlands Competition Authority clears a merger between two groups controlling over 100 pharmacies subject to the divestiture of 4 pharmacies (Brocacef / Lloyds Nederland)


The merger The merger involved the acquisition of Lloyds Nederland BV («Lloyds») by Brocacef Holding NV («Brocacef»). Lloyds operated 63 pharmacies in the Netherlands at the time of the decision by the Netherlands competition authority («NMa») and is a subsidiary of the German group Celesio AG. (...)

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