Martin André Dittmer

Gorrissen Federspiel (Copenhagen)

Martin André Dittmer is the managing partner and head of EU and Competition at Gorrissen Federspiel, he is based in Copenhagen. Martin André Dittmer has extensive practical experience within Community law, including competition law and public procurement law. Within competition law Martin André Dittmer deals with merger applications to the Commission and Danish competition authorities, advise of clients on horizontal and vertical agreements under article 101 (including cartels), matters of abuse under article 102 and all types of problems within Danish competition law. Furthermore, Martin André Dittmer advises both contracting entities and tenderers in relation to public procurement issues. Martin André Dittmer has special insight into the energy, airline, shipping and tele communications sectors and is a regular speaker on topics concerning competition law and public procurement.

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Gorrissen Federspiel (Copenhagen)
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2626 Bulletin

Martin André Dittmer, Erik Kjaer-Hansen, Henrik Saugmandsgaard Øe State aid & Public procurement: An overview of EU and national case law


This special issue explores recent case law and elaborates on the interplay between public procurement and State aid. The two fields of law share the common aim to ensure that competition is undistorted on the internal market. As regards State aid rules, TFEU contains a prohibition that excludes Member States from granting any kind of aid to an undertaking, which might place other undertakings at an unjustified competitive disadvantage. The objective of public procurement rules is to ensure that the competition for public contracts remains free and open; when a contracting authority awards a certain contract, it does so on the basis of either the lowest price or the most advantageous economic offer and irrespective of the nationality of the tenderer. Without these rules Member States would not be constrained in funding beneficial companies; either by granting favourable contracts to companies or through unrestricted subsidy.

Martin André Dittmer, Rebecca Fink Joensen The Danish District Court of Glostrup issues four fines in relation to unlawful price coordination in the gas sector (Hovedstadsregionens og Midt-Nords Naturgasselskab / Gastech Energy)


On 21 April 2022, the District Court of Glostrup issued a judgment that ordered Hovedstadsregionens og Midt-Nords Naturgasselskab I/S (formerly HMN Naturgas) and Gastech Energy to each pay an 8 million kroner fine for unlawful price coordination in the natural gas furnaces market. The same (...)

Rebecca Fink Joensen, Martin André Dittmer The Danish Competition Authority decides that the boycott of a digital marketplace by an association of car dealers constitutes an anticompetitive agreement (Peugeot Forhandler Foreningen)


Competition Council rules Peugeot dealer association infringed competition law* On 23 February 2022, the Danish Competition Council (DCC) published a decision on a case in which the association of Peugeot car dealers, Peugeot Forhandler Foreningen (PFF), had collectively boycotted (...)

Thomas Skou, Martin André Dittmer The Danish Supreme Court renders a judgment on the legality of consortium agreements and repeals a decision between two companies regarding their joint bid on a public tender for road marking work (LFK / Eurostar)


The legality of consortium agreements under competition law has been widely debated in recent years. On 27 November 2019 the Supreme Court rendered a much-anticipated judgment on this subject. The court repealed a Maritime and Commercial High Court decision from 2018 in a case concerning a (...)



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