Martijn Snoep

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroeck (Amsterdam)
Lawyer (Partner)

Martijn Snoep is Managing partner at De Brow Blackstone Westbroek. He specializes in EU and Dutch competition law. In addition to advising clients in various sectors of industry, he is a litigator before the European and Dutch courts. Martijn defends companies against allegations of infringements or in damage claims. Recently, he was involved in two cartel cases before the courts, where fines imposed by the Dutch competition authority were entirely annulled. He is also active as a competition lawyer in M&A work, representing clients before the European Commission and the Dutch competition authority, or coordinating merger filings before other competition authorities. Martijn’s contentious work in the area of cartels led him to become involved in corporate criminal defense and in internal investigations, also outside the area of competition law. For a number of clients he is involved in internal fraud investigations and in criminal defense cases concerning fraud, bribery and financial market regulations. In addition, Martijn’s work on merger clearances for hospitals and other health care institutions resulted in regulatory work before the newly established Dutch regulatory body for the health care sector. In 1997 Martijn worked as a foreign associate on a number of antitrust cases at Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New York. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences (IBA, LIDC and ICN) and he publishes on procedural and substantive issues of competition law. Since 2003, Martijn is chairman of the Dutch Association of Competition Law.

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25019 Bulletin

Martijn Snoep The Dutch Competition Authority holds that a proposed merger between the four mental healthcare organisations requires further investigations (Adhesie-Mediant-RIAGGZ over de IJssel-Zwolse Poort)


Healthcare providers, such as general practitioners, pharmacists, physiotherapists, providers of exceptional medical care under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act, hospitals and convalescent centres are undertakings. The same applies to suppliers of medical aids, pharmaceutical wholesalers (...)

Martijn Snoep A Dutch Bill on media concentrations introduces plurality check


In December 2006, a bill on media concentrations was presented. The bill proposes a plurality check for media concentrations, irrespective of merger control thresholds. In order to safeguard the plurality of the media, the bill prohibits media concentrations which: amount to a (...)

Martijn Snoep The Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal upholds the Rotterdam court’s cancellation of the Dutch NCA conditional clearance of a merger in the energy sector (Nuon / Reliant)


The acquisition by Nuon of Reliant was originally cleared by the NMa in December 2003 after a phase II investigation. The activities of Nuon and Reliant mainly overlap in regard of the production and wholesale of electricity. The NMa defined the relevant market as the market for the production (...)

12898 Review

Ana Barros Feiteira, Angie Ng, Benoît Merkt, Camilla Jain Holtse, Christian Hagerman, Christian Nielsen, David T. Fischer, Dieter Hauck, Graeme Edgerton, Inigo Igartua Arregui, Kiri Tahana, Lesley Farrell, Martijn Snoep, Martin Klusmann, Massimo Merola, Michael Reiss, Nathalie Jalabert-Doury, Nathan Muyskens, Nick Taylor, Rayan Houdrouge, Sara Lembo, Serge Bourque, Shreeya Smith, Suzanne Kingston, Teresa Lorca Morales, Tommy Pettersson Digital evidence searches in competition investigations: Best Practices for effective fundamental rights Results of an international survey among defense lawyers


Un programme de recherche international regroupant des avocats de la défense a été constitué sous l’égide de Concurrences afin de comparer les protections mises en place dans 15 régimes différents pour assurer le respect des droits fondamentaux dans le cadre des investigations informatiques. Une (...)

Julia Brockhoff, Martijn Snoep, Peter Kalbfleisch P. Kalbfleisch (Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets): “The Netherlands NCA not only enforces but also promotes competition”


Interview by Martijn Snoep and Julia Brockhoff, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, The Hague, The Netherlands. To begin with, can you tell us something about your background? What caused you to become interested in competition law? Before my appointment as Director-General of the NMa in 2003, I (...)

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